Della Vlogs Scam – Know All the Details Here!

The Della Scam article today is about a couple who were cheated by an individual who had cheated other couples into adopting a child.

Della, did you fall victim to an adoption fraud? The couple of United States have described their experience with adopting fraud. Dallin Lambert and Bella Lambert of the YouTube channel Della Vlogs were victims of an adoption scam.

The identical videos that have been spreading across the internet are causing a lot of shock. Fans of the social media personalities showed their support for the duo after viewing the video they recently posted describing the Della Vlogs Scam.

What scam did Della Vlogs experience?

The couple in the video claims that after five years of failed reproductive attempts, they intended to adopt. They tried IVF, and other options to grow their family. They decided adoption was the best choice.

Dallin Lambert, Bella, and their YouTube channel Della Vlogs, which boasts more than 1.4 million subscribers, posted a video clip on May 24, 2023. The clip has been viewed by 1.6 million people.

Why did Della Vlogs Scam occur?

Bella and Dallin decided to adopt after experimenting with IVF as well as other alternatives. The results were not as they had hoped. They wanted to find a way of getting a child. They searched for treatments, therapies or other methods to have a child.

They thought that after many attempts they would be able to extend their family. Their hopes were dashed when a woman betrayed them.

What is Bella’s and Dallin’s new plan to have a baby?

The video shows Bella and her husband, who had dreamed of having twins for years, being overjoyed.

Scammers use this popular technique to make a lot of money. They can be a warning sign if ignored.

Was it a Della Vlogs Scam?

Dallin Bella, YouTube Channel Owners of Della Vlogs have recently admitted that their adoption was a scam. The couple had planned to adopt two identical twin girls and were preparing for their arrival when they found out they’d been conned.

How did the female react initially?

Bella and Dallin would receive texts from the female that were incredibly loving, deep and eloquent. The female was deceiving them. Bella told them that when they met her after their flight from Arizona, she had assured them they would be wonderful parents.

She begged with teary-eyed eyes for them to look after them, explained why she wanted individuals to come and called the couple a blessing. It was the Della Vlogs Scam.

What did Bella see now as the female culprit?

Bella sees her actions as “cruel” and suggests that they both prepare their nursery to ensure she is “far more secured.”

Dallin & Bella claimed that they had spoken to an organization and taken childbirth classes with this lady. They also claimed to have personally interacted with her on multiple occasions. The female claimed to have lied all along because she was a sporty being who fooled the women into thinking they were pregnant .


The owners of Della Vlogs were recently defrauded when they wanted to have a child. An adult female aged twenty cheated a couple who tried to get pregnant after several failed attempts. A Della Vlogs channel video clip shared the scam.

Are you following Della Vlogs? Comment on how you would handle such females.

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