Detailed Facts About the Working Principle of Automatic Pill Counters

In pharmaceutical industries and other relevant healthcare sectors, counting tablets and capsules manually not only becomes a huge time drain but also decreases the delivery speed of each bottle of pills. And with the cost of certain pills rising, it is impossible to take a chance on accuracy. That’s why automatic pill counters have become so popular. Not only do they increase the rate at which counts and fills can be carried out, but they also maintain accuracy while reducing errors that typically come with manual counting.

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In order to help you know more about automatic pill counters, this article will guide you to comprehend all the detailed facts. Read on to learn about the main functions of an automatic pill counter, its working principles, product recommendations, benefits, and more.

Main Functions of an Automatic Pill Counter

Pill counters are nowadays in high demand and have become a crucial part of virtually all pharma packaging industries. In the early years, these machines were only partially automated. However, they have been upgraded to fully automated systems, enabling them to handle pill counting with utmost reliability. And here are some main functions of automatic pill counters:

  1. Inspection and Counting

There is a system in the capsule counting machine that constantly monitors the level of pills in the trays. And it can detect and reject pills with defects and then separates them with an automatic rejection system. The defects it looks for include broken pills, incompatible sizes, wrong colors, and weight, among others.

In addition, the actual counting of the pills occurs with the help of a sensor. When the pill passes through the sensor, the machine takes count. Some automatic pill counters use the photoelectric detection system to perform this task.

  1. Weighing

The weighing step is mainly used to check whether the weight of the drug or medicine is qualified or not. Because medicine is a product with high national standards and requirements, high precision is required. Through this rigorous step, the automatic pill counter guarantees high-quality pills or drugs. 

  1. Filling

The final main operation of an automatic pill counter is to fill drugs in the pharmaceutical packages. The tablet counting machine fills the packages and bottles with the right number of capsules or tablets. This is only possible if the pill counter has an automatic filling system, which enables the process of filling continues until the required number of pills to count is met.

Pharmapack ALFM-32C In-Motion Modular Counter

There are wide varieties of automatic pill counters available on the market. Because of their excellent working principle and various benefits, in-motion modular counters are in high demand. ALFM-32C In-Motion Modular Counter is one such product that specializes in counting and sorting pills with high accuracy and speed.

Manufactured by Pharmapack, a leading pioneer in the pharmaceutical packaging industry, this advanced machine combines inspection, counting, weighing, and filling functions. Some of its key characteristics include:

  • Full servo-control with a modular design.
  • All-in-one multipurpose automatic pill counter.
  • Detailed visual inspection of pills, e.g., capsules, tablets, and softgels.
  • Staggering production speed (up to 24,000 pcs/minute).

In order to help you get some detailed facts about this advanced automatic pill machine, it’s wise to know how it works. Its working principle includes the following steps:

  • The first step is loading the pills into the hoppers. It can be done manually or automatically. 
  • Next, the pills are fed onto the three-grade vibratory plates, which then move through channels of plates either singly or continuously.
  • At the end of these channels, detection tunnels utilize the photoelectric effect to inspect the pills. An infrared dynamic scanning sensor scans the drug particles as they fall into the high-speed microprocessor. The mechanical and electronic cooperation performs the actual counting function.
  • Before the filling process is initiated, the weighing system weighs and stores its weight data. Once the filling is complete, the bottles are weighed again for verification and accuracy.
  • There is an automatic rejection star wheel system that rejects bottles with different weights.
  • The products from all 8 channels then fall into a filling nozzle. The filling process begins by performing via four vibration filling nozzles.

Benefits of Using ALFM-32C In-Motion Modular Counter

ALFM-32C In-Motion Modular Counter is extremely accurate and versatile in counting various capsules, softgels, and tablets in many sizes and shapes. It has the following merits that make it becoming popular in a short period:

  1. Decrease Counting Errors

ALFM-32C In-Motion Modular Counter is extremely accurate, decreasing the counting and filling errors to a large extent. Thanks to its advanced technology, the machine simply does not miscount. If you use it as described in its operator’s manual, you can rest easy knowing there will be no possibility of pill miscounts. Reduced counting errors compared with traditional counting methods mean a more reliable operation.

  1. Increase Counting Efficiency

The unique, advanced counting system of the ALFM-32C In-Motion Modular Counter leads to much faster and significantly more accurate pill counting than other machines. This in-motion modular automatic pill counter helps reduce stress and tedium while allowing staff to spend more time dealing with other worthwhile businesses related to the company, leading to a more efficient working environment and improving the company’s value.

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  1. Save Operation Cost

For most pharmacies and relevant industries, ALFM-32C In-Motion Modular Counter will pay for itself very quickly. Its extremely accurate counting operation and fast speed without much manual intervention lead to improved customer satisfaction, better inventory control, and improved customer safety, saving the packaging line thousands of dollars annually. In today’s fast-paced work environment, an advanced automatic pill counter like this enables packaging industries to save labor costs and time while efficiently accomplishing various counting tasks.

About Pharmapack

Pharmapack is a reputed manufacturer and supplier of packaging and coding equipment. Specializing in supplying state-of-the-art machinery and integration for various industries, including healthcare, food, packaging, pharmaceutical, etc., the company has built a name synonymous with quality, value, and performance.

Established in 2002, Pharmapack offers a wide range of packaging and counting machines centered on tablet, softgel, and capsule counting operations that are the heart of any packaging and filling line. The creative and innovative packaging systems the company offers are ideal for various industries.

The mission of Pharmapack is to provide advanced, cost-effective packaging equipment to increase the efficiency and productivity of your operations. With these reliable solutions, the company aims to become an industry leader in pharma packaging machinery. Visit their website for more information.

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