Ways to boost your Wi-Fi Connection

Smartphones are indeed the most common mode of connecting to the internet. There is no denying the fact that mobiles are handier and are preferably used for accessing the internet. Every person is using their phone for accessing their social media accounts. This is why having faster internet connectivity over the phone is necessary to have these days.

Whether we are out on the road, in a mall, at a restaurant, our phone is our savior for killing boredom and is our best friend at times of blue. We are a click away from video calling our loved ones, playing our favorite game online, binge-watching our favorite show, and whatnot.

We do all this over our smartphones. So having a steady Wi-Fi connection over our mobiles has become mandatory these days. Having said that, subscribing to a high-speed internet connection that ensures seamless Wi-Fi connectivity is a wise investment to make. 

So, if you are planning to get a high-quality internet service give HughesNet a try. The choice of a reliable internet provider will directly affect our efficiency and productivity in our personal and professional lives.

So it is a wise investment to make. Though oftentimes we see that even though you have subscribed to a trustworthy and faster speed internet plan, Wi-Fi speeds might appear slower on your phone. But do not fret. Here is what you can do to boost your Wi-Fi speed. 

First, What’s Making your Wi-Fi Slow?

There are multiple possibilities for slow Wi-Fi connections it could be because of physical barriers like walls for instance. The position of your router and your device can also be a reason for weak Wi-Fi signals. Therefore, something as simple as relocating the router can enhance the signal strength. 

You also need to pay attention to the fact that you have subscribed to the right internet plan. It should cater to the speeds that your household requires. 

Reposition your router

As mentioned earlier, Wi-Fi is affected by distance and electronic interferences. Its signal strength also depends on the number of devices. All these things can contribute to slower Wi-Fi connectivity. So always keep the router away from electronic appliances like microwaves, etc. Make sure you place the router at an elevated position.

Make sure that the router is away from any physical obstacles and located at a central position in the house so the signals can spread uniformly. 

Make Use of the Latest Wi-Fi technology

Technology is ever-evolving. Make sure that you make use of the latest hardware to speed up your wireless connectivity. For instance, Wi-Fi 6 is the biggest leap in technology these days, offering higher speeds and better capacities. Thus these new Wi-Fi 6 routers have higher data transfer speeds and lower latency rates. These also offer dual-band functionality.

Try Using an Extender 

Using a wireless extender might also be very helpful in boosting your internet speeds and getting rid of any hotspots in the house. Let’s say your router is on the first floor in the house and you are facing signal drop while accessing the wireless network on the ground floor then installing a Wi-Fi extender can strengthen the wireless network. 

Use a Faster VPN 

In case you are using a slow VPN, you will notice frequent speed lags. All those times when you feel your phone suddenly becomes slow. It could be because of a poor-performing VPN. Hence always use a good performing VPN that assures you better speeds and impressive privacy benefits. 

Data Caps

Keep an eye on data caps, as they can be one of the biggest reasons behind lagging internet speeds. If you have exceeded your monthly data limit, it is important to keep an eye on your data consumption. It is recommended that you subscribe to internet plans with no monthly data caps, especially if you have multiple users in the house. 

Slower Device 

Your phone can be slow rather than your Wi-Fi. To check if your internet speed is good by running a quick speed test. If so, your phone or device might be slow due to some hardware issue, or maybe multiple apps are running in the background that is slowing down your Wi-Fi connectivity. Always close your background apps and uninstall those that you do not need, to keep your phone and other devices running properly.

Wrapping Up, 

The aforementioned tips and tricks can help you boot your wireless internet speeds and boost your Wi-Fi network. Make sure your internet-compatible devices are working fine and your router is positioned at a suitable spot.

If nothing seems to work, and your wireless network speed keeps lagging then you can contact your ISP to discuss the speed issue and get it fixed.

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