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Different Types of Chairs and Their Uses

When it comes to interior designing for any space- home, office or an area of leisure, there are several varieties of chairs out in the market. Each type of chair is best suited for a specific area of your space. That’s because different types of chairs are designed specifically for an area and serve good use for that area. Wakefit sells a large variety of chairs online for home and office purposes. also try Plastic chairs are the most stylish furniture pieces in the market today.

To avoid the occurrence of misfits of chairs in your interiors, you need to understand their various types and their associated uses. While some chairs are commonly used in less formal settings such as pubs and cinemas, a few varieties are associated with the workplace. Some chairs are best for use at home and not suitable for office areas. The different types of chairs and their uses have been compiled below for your benefit:

  1. Multipurpose Chairs

Multipurpose chairs are suitable and useful for all kinds of settings. When you look up bar stools on sale, you may come across many types based on the material used and the design of the chair. They can come in multipurpose wooden chairs, plastic or metallic frames, have a round or rectangular-shaped design, and be armed or without arms. They are usually smaller in width and height and can be easily accommodated without taking up much space. The seating can be made of fabric, leather or plastic. Some round chairs are also equipped with a swivel to adjust the tilt, height and adjustment. These types of chairs are mostly used in offices as they provide ease of mobility.

  1. Round Chairs

Evident by the name, these chairs are round at their dorsal ends, and the upper part is made of fabric that is affixed to the frame. This design is good for use in living rooms, especially in contemporary homes with a stylish and modern interior.

  1. Plastic Armchair

Low on the budget but high on purpose, plastic armchairs are quite popular in terms of frequency of usage. They are used very commonly in restaurants or dining areas in the mall like the food court or where large gatherings are held, such as wedding halls. They can also be used at homes with minimalist interiors to accommodate visitors. 

  1. Luxe armchair

The luxe armchair is best suited for your living room or bedroom to add a hint of luxury to your interiors. The luxe armchair typically has a wooden frame with arms and a silk fabric upholstery attached to the frame. 

  1. Recliner

Popularly used in the living room, this is a whole category of chairs with so many types of recliners available in the market. These chairs combine style and comfort and are ideal for areas of relaxation such as your living room. Typically made of leather or fabric, they can be operated manually or electronically whilst providing additional benefits such as massage and pain relief. The leather recliners also add a great visual appeal to the room by adding a touch of a rustic or rural blend to the interiors.

  1. Club Chairs

Named because they were mostly used in the gentleman’s clubs of 19th century London, club chairs exhume luxury and comfort at best. They are typically made of leather and have a thick upholstery which makes them comfortable as well as stylish. Besides adding a vintage look to the room, their visual appeal makes them an ideal choice to spruce up dull interiors. These chairs can be used for a long time if they are maintained well. A club chair can also double as the best lounge chair because of its comfort and style.

  1. Wing Chairs

Winged chairs appeal to traditional interiors by adding an element of class and style to them. They can be high-backed or low-backed with heavy fabric upholstery on a wooden frame. They come in colours and patterns and can be mixed and matched to complement the surroundings of your home décor. They are cosy and a great choice for your bedroom.

  1. Chesterfield Chair

Looking for a Victorian-style chair for your interiors? The Chesterfield chair is a vintage arm back chair with a heavy body, made with dark wood and leather. The Chesterfield chair has a large body with a rolled-up armrest, making it comfortable for larger people. 

  1. Barstool

A bar stool is ideally used in pubs and bars; however, there is a variety of wooden bar stools for home which can be used in your kitchen and dining space. Their use is a must if you have a countertop kitchen area for dining. Bar or kitchen stools complete the look of a modern kitchen and dining area and make it look stylish and contemporary. 

  1. Panton chair

This is an S-shaped chair, trendy and newer in design with a funky visual appeal. They are more suited for contemporary spaces and add a touch of fun and crazy to the interiors. They are generally made of plastic, are sleek and curvy and do not have arms. 

Did you find your favourite kind of chair in the list above? Are you considering buying a great chair for your interiors? Hope this article helped!

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