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Different Ways To Use Technology In Math Class

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Mathematics is like a mystery for most students. The reason is that they find it very difficult to solve math problems due to lack of interest. But making things interesting can make them learn better and deeper. Math is difficult because it takes a lot of your energy and time to get a grip on concepts. Now what happens here is that many students don’t understand complex computations fastly due to which they are pushed back in learning effectively. This affects their performance and makes them unable to understand new concepts.

As technology is advancing day-by-day, it is becoming easier than before to learn mathematics by using digital tools. An online synthetic division calculator is one of such tools. It helps scholars to solve algebraic polynomial division very accurately and fastly. Moreover, you can also get step-by-step calculations for every problem. Isn’t it a great offer for you? Yes, it is! 

In this technical context, I will be discussing some of the most advanced ways that are adopted to teach mathematics in classrooms better.

Let’s jump into it!

Different Ways To Teach Mathematics Using Technology:

The following are the most advanced ways by which it has been made possible to teach students mathematics by developing their interest towards it.


This is a video tool that facilitates the students to deliver their lectures and presentations. With the help of this tool, students can easily present their assignments to the class. Not only this but they can also explain the calculations that they had performed to figure out the answer. This is indeed a very positive approach to learn basic to complex mathematics easily. By using this technique, it has become handy for students to use mathematical language in their communication.

Just take an example. Let us say that Harry solves a polynomial division problem using a synthetic division calculator with steps. Now at the time of presentation, flipgrid will help him to present these step-by-step calculations to students. It will not only build up his confidence but also arouse a passion for learning more. 

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Google Forms:

Today it has become possible to take online quizzes of scholars using google forms. But the more interesting thing here is that the way a student answers a question takes him/her on another page relative to the answer. This phenomenon is called the branching functionality. Also, if students fail to answer a question, it will directly take them to a new page where the skill will be revised. Here many other mathematical tools just like synthetic division calculator also help them in understanding the particulars in more depth.


It is one of the most advanced tech tools that works using paper clickers rather than using clicker devices. Now what is done here is that each student is given a plickers card that contains a picture resembling a QR code. In simple words, plickers are a very efficient way to track a student’s performance.

Online Calculators:

Many online free calculators have been designed by different institutions to facilitate their student’s learning. The role of calculator-online.net is of vital importance here. This website contains a bunch of various mathematical calculators such as a synthetic division calculator to help students in getting a better grip over the calculations. Just take an example of a synthetic substitution calculator. Let me tell you how it works:

  • First you need to write your polynomial function
  • Then write down the factor that is used to divide this long polynomial
  • Hit the calculate button
  • This is how the calculator displays the exact step-by-step calculations in a fraction of seconds

How does it sound? For me, it is really something of great benefit. Students must be taught the proper use of these online calculators to practice a lot in order to become familiar with complex terms.

Pear Deck:

With the help of pear deck, you can directly engage your lesson with the websites. Also, you can share this pedagogy to students on their mobile phone screens. Students will be able to get access to various things like teacher’s dashboard, personalized takeaways, and many more.

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Pear Deck Math Templates:

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A large variety of math templates has been provided in pear deck. This develops the interest of students with new catchy designs and styles. By making the use of pear deck:

  • You can identify a shape better
  • Label the shape parts as well
  • Number lines
  • Uses blank side for student’s explanations


It is a user-friendly digital whiteboard that can only be operated on an iphone or ipad. It assists you in connecting your ipad with your personal computer or laptop. You can easily control the computer by using doceri just as with a mouse or a keyboard. 

To make it easy to learn various mathematical techniques, it is a mandatory choice to teach students the proper use of synthetic division calculator, math calculator, and many more like that by using doceri as a whiteboard. It will keep students engaged with their problems until they reach any ultimate output.


Desmos is really a great platform for learning. It creates anxiety in a student to learn something technical. Thai is considered the best online platform that engages students with mathematics so they do not feel a little difficulty in solving the problems. Desmos is actually an online graph tool that assists students in understanding the real-term meaning of their calculations.

Templates For Elementary Math:

Alice Keeler is a math professional. She has shared a huge blast of templates for a deep learning. Some of the most important are as follow:

  • Battleship
  • Pixel art
  • Digital protractor
  • Measurement
  • Baseball 

Wrapping It Up:

Nowadays it is very crucial for every scholar to have a sound knowledge of math for understanding various phenomena taking place. Also, they must use the free synthetic division calculator to solve their complex algebraic problems precisely and fastly. So move ahead, grab this free calculator and start taking advantage to earn excellent grades.

Good Luck!

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