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How to Know Which is a Good GRE Book?

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There are several books out in the market to help you prepare for the GRE test. However, only a few books qualify as adequate study material. This article will help you understand what to look for in GRE books. Furthermore, we will also provide essential details on how to register and schedule your GRE exam dates 2022. So, read on!

How to Spot a Good GRE Book?

Since there are several books out there that you can rely on to prepare for your GRE, it’s really essential that you look for books that consist of all the study material needed. Whether you are going to a bookstore or buying a book online, you have to make sure your GRE books have concepts explained in detail, practice tests, tips and strategies and more. So, let us look at the qualities of a good book. 

1. Practice Tests

The most essential aspect of acquiring a good GRE prep book is to gauge the quality and quantity of practice tests. It is essential to only go for those books that provide you with sufficient practise tests. This is because you have to take as many practice tests as possible to gauge your understanding of the concepts after you have completed studying for different sections of the GRE. 

2. Structure

The overall structure of the book and how each concept of the GRE syllabus is explained is another key element to watch out for. A good GRE book would ideally explain and provide detailed reasoning behind the solutions to a particular problem and also explain each topic of the GRE syllabus clearly with examples.

3. Test Preparation Strategies

A good GRE book should also include the right preparation strategy.

4. Quantity and Quality of Exam-like Questions

Having exam-like questions is the most crucial factor in choosing a good GRE book. Not only should a GRE prep book offer various questions but should also offer good quality questions based on the different difficulty levels for you to practise from.  It should also include detailed answer explanations too. 

5. Time Duration of Your Study

There is no point in buying a book that explains everything in detail while you have very limited time to prepare. There are books designed to suit study plans with various time durations, you should purchase a book that meets your study goals accordingly. 

A good set of GRE books that you certainly can rely on is ETS’s Official GRE Superpower Pack Edition which includes three guides, they are general GRE guide, Official GRE verbal reasoning guide and Official GRE quantitative reasoning guide. In addition to ETS’s power pack, you can also choose to study from the 5 Lb Book of GRE Practice Problems. 

In the  next section we will look at how to schedule your GRE exam dates.  

Scheduling Your GRE Exam Dates

The GRE is conducted by ETS all around the year, therefore, your GRE exam can be scheduled anytime except on public holidays. The first thing that you would have to do is, head over to the official website of ETS and create an account to schedule your exam. Once you have created an account, complete all aspects of registering for the test by entering your details and selecting the GRE exam date 2022. Select a date that gives you enough time to prepare for the test and also keep in mind your university application deadlines. Your test dates are confirmed once you pay the GRE fee of $213 (INR. 15980 approximately). Furthermore, to schedule your test dates you will need ID proof for which you can use your passport or Aadhar card.

Now that we have told you what to look for in a good GRE book, you’re better positioned to acquire the right study material and begin your practice. All the best!

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