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Digicars Trading Auto Scam – Get All the Details You Need Here!

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Learn how the scam works by reading exclusive facts that you won’t find anywhere else about Digital Cars Trading Auto Scam.

Did you know that Digicars Auto Trading was the victim of rumours spread by the Internet and social media sites in Philippines? Why is Digicars Auto Trading viewed as a scam by many? Digicars Auto Trading is a sister company of DigiBikes and Kuya Cars. The company has been in business for a long time and does well. Is it a scam? Let’s examine the facts about Digicars trading Auto Scam.

DAT Scam:

Digicars Auto Trading was founded during the covid pandemic. Digicars Auto Trading’s owners and management have a wealth of experience dealing with automobile sales. Digicars Auto Trading is a company that has been performing well since its inception. It has received positive feedback from customers and excellent ratings.

The rampage :

The rumours of the Digicars Auto Trading fraud began in 2022, when The Ark Trading Vehicle Trading and General Merchandise Company was winding down. It began firing marketing agents, one by one. The ramp-down affected hundreds of customers.

Digicars Auto Trading Issue:

Customers could not reach the agents who sold them cars. These agents were no longer allowed to access customer records after they were fired. The Ark Trading Vehicle Trading And General Merchandise updated their social media accounts constantly about new employees being released by the company.

Customers were concerned because they paid 50% of the price for the car and the rest was to be financed. Agents used to work with the bank in order to get vehicle loans. Customers began giving Digicars Auto Trading Review because they were afraid that they would have to pay The Ark Trading Vehicle Trading And General Merchandise out of their own pocket if the loan was not approved.

The agents who were fired from The Ark Trading Vehicle Trading And General Merchandise have joined Digicars Auto Trading! There were rumours at the same time that The Ark Trading Vehicle Trading And General Merchandise would be in bankruptcy or face bankruptcy within 6 months. Reddit was awash with speculations. Below is a link.

Fear from the same origin:

The customers also tried to verify the relationship between The Ark Trading Vehicle Trading and General Merchandise, and the anticipated Digcars Trading Auto Scam as most agents had joined. Social media users said that they found similar offers and products from both companies, such as 0% interest rates, low EMIs, 50% downpayments, and huge discounts.

The effect of Ponzi schemes that are unrealistic:

Due to these similarities, people began to believe that Digicars Auto Trading was also a Ponzi scheme scammer. As both companies were of the same origins, customers speculated Digicars Auto Trading would soon go bankrupt.

Customer Reviews:

Digicars Trading Auto received 4/5 stars in 40 Google reviews. It received 4.8/5 from 208 Digcars Trading Auto scam customer reviews. Digicars.ph received a 100-percent trust rating but had a horrible business ranking of 23.7%.


When customers began contacting agents with death threats, the situation became more serious. Digicars Auto Trading announced on its FB page that it will close all of its stores until further notice because of threats. To build trust, the CEO released a video. The company also announced that Digicars Auto-Trading was an independent business.

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