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This Jamie Lee Komoroski facebook is being shared by many. Here you can find out more about the accident.

Have you ever been in an accident? Accidents are a common occurrence in our society today. Do you know why? Traffic rules are being violated. The people are not taking rules seriously, and this is causing serious societal issues. The recent accident that shattered the life of a newlywed couple was also a major blow to their lives.

It is impossible to fix the loss. Commoners from the United States are expressing their grief across multiple social media platforms. Jamie Lee Komoroski, Facebookusers ask for justice and are worried about their safety.

The latest news on newlywed couples accident

Jamie Lee Komoroski’s accidents are being discussed by many Facebook users. The accident occurred on Friday, 28th April at 10pm. Jamie’s car severely injured a newlywed couple, their two relatives and a friend of the family.

Instagram users were furious when the news spread. The reports confirm that Samantha Miller, a newlywed, has died.

Reports on the accident in detail.

Officials mention that Samantha Miller died immediately after the incident. Aric Hutchinson and two relatives were severely injured. All three of them are still fighting for their lives in a local hospital in South Carolina.

Officials confirm Jamie was driving at 105kph (65mph) on the 1200 block of East Ashley Avenue in Charleston. The speed limit Charleston SCallows for is 40kph. A car violently struck a golf cart driven by a bride and groom after they had left their wedding venue.

When officials approached her, they could smell alcohol. Jamie admitted to having a shot of tequila, a beer and one hour before driving.

Is Jamie Lee Komoroski arrested?

The officials did arrest Jamie and charge him with DUI. It involves reckless homicide and harsh driving which influences passing. Samantha was also killed.

Jamie Lee Komoroski’s Facebook confirmed that she wasn’t in a stable state at the time and had initially refused to cooperate. She was asked to undergo a sobriety check, which she refused on the spot. After issuing the warrant, a blood test was conducted. The results are still pending.

The newlyweds and their marriage

The wedding of Samantha Miller and Aric Hustchinson took place on Folly beach in South Carolina. Samantha, a 34-year-old North Carolina native, married Aric Hutchinson. The couple bought a house in Utah for after their marriage. They had big plans.

They shared the fund on the platform of LinkedIn. Annette Hutchinson raised the fund, who is a mother to a bride.

How is the condition of survivors?

Aric Hutchison’s condition is grave. Aric Hutchison has undergone reconstructive surgery due to multiple brain injuries. He also suffered broken bones. Doctors say that it could take him a long time before he recovers from his current condition.

Two other relatives are also recovering from multiple stitches and dressings.


Aric’s wedding day with Samantha turned into a nightmare. After the accident, Aric lost his wife. Aric remains in a serious condition. Jamie Lee Komoroski was arrested by the police in an alcoholic state.

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