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This post is related to Dino Elyassnia Khazar and is intended to inform the audience about a suspect couple that may have been involved in murder.

Who are Dino Elyassnia and Khazar Momeni? The dazzling duo is connected to the murder Bob Lee? Plastic surgeon Dr. Dino Elyassnia did not fear the spotlight and drew people in from all over the world, including the United States.

On social media, he often posted about how he could improve people’s noses and necks. He also gushed over his beautiful wife Khazar Momeni. Let’s see why Dino Elyassnia Khazar has been in the news.

Why did Dino, Nima and Khazar Elyassnia make the news?

Dino and Nima were once the center of attention, but now they are embroiled in an investigation into a murder. They have been gaining worldwide media coverage. Legal papers indicate that, although neither of the two is charged with the crime in question, a dispute over Khazar Momeni may have been the cause for the murder.

The arrest of Nima Mumeni this week in connection with Bob Lee’s murder, Cash App’s founder, and IT executive Bob Lee, has thrust her beautiful brother and sister in law into a different spotlight. As mentioned in many reviews, the prosecution suggested that Khazar may have had a romantic relationship with Bob.

When did the couple appear before the court?

Nima Mumeni made her debut in court on Friday 15th April, 2023. Momeni raised her eyebrows, and she wore huge designer sunglasses. In the midst of chaos, her husband, dressed in a dark suit and holding her hand, scowled and sighed.

Elyassnia only said “no” to the media. The media surrounded Nima’s sister, the Services surgeon and her at the Superior Court of San Francisco.

What are the allegations of the prosecution?

Nima Mumeni is accused by the police of asking Lee about his “unsuitable interaction” with his brother and drinking illicit substances, before killing him in the early hours of 4th April 2023.

According to court documents, according to a report, an acquaintance of Lee admitted to the authorities that he did not know of any romantic relationship between Khazar Mumeni and Lee but he believed their marriage might be in danger.

Elyassnia Additional Details:

Elyassnia, his family and all of their relatives left Iran following the Iranian Revolution. They are from a family that is Armenian and Assyrian. He was raised by his parents in California, and studied medicine at Southern California University. His focus was on cosmetic surgery.

Elyassnia was initially influenced by his two surgeon uncles to become a specialist in cardiac surgery. He later discovered that his artistic side was not well suited to a career in vasculature.


A new twist in the Bob Lee case has emerged, involving Nima Momeni and Dino. New information has shed light on the stabbing death of IT tycoon Bob Lee that occurred on April 4, 2023. The new information suggests that Nima is the murderer of the Cash App creator, as opposed to the previous assumption that Nima would be the victim of a random crime.

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