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Do All Types of Weed Get You High?

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When you think of high, what comes to your mind? Weed, right? It is a dried cannabis plant used in numerous ways to provide the high. Weed plants also differentiate in numerous parts based on weed plant and their preparation. THC is an active ingredient of weed or cannabis plants as it influences the brain and may cause a change in mood, alertness, dizziness, etc. CBD is another active ingredient in weed that has several effects – relaxation and pain relief.

The type of weed is decided based on the ratio of THC to CBD. The nature of weed will be stronger if THC is higher than CBD. Change the type ratio of THC and CBD, and the effects of weed will change automatically. Two types of weed strains are found in nature – Indica, and Sativa. You can make another type of weed after mixing it, called hybrid. Buy different types of weed via dispensary delivery.

Different Types of Weed

Weed has two types: Sativa and Indica. All other types of weeds are formed after mixing them. People change the concentration of the Sativa and Indica and get the desired high. Hybrid is also one of the famous strains of weed formed after mixing them. A new strain of Ruderalis is also getting the desired attention as it is used for medicinal purposes. It has a lower amount of THC compared to CBD.

  • Sativa

It is a cannabis plant that originated from warmer places and grows in certain light conditions as it needs darkness minimum of 11 hours per day. Sativa cannabis plants tend to be taller and have thin leaves; the THC percentage is lower, and has more CBD. Sativa has energizing and mood-lifting effects.

  • Indica

Indica is found in cold places, and plants tend to be shorter, unlike Sativa. Its leaves are rounder, darker, and fuller compared to Sativa. The THC percentage is high, and the CBD percentage is low, and that’s why it is considered a potent weed. Most people consume it at night to get the maximum relaxing effect. 

  • Hybrid

It is a mixture of Sativa and Indica that has balanced effects and has become more popular. Most people grow this rather than Sativa and Indica.

  • Ruderalis

It is another type of weed that was discovered in Southern Russia. It has the lowest THC concentration compared to other strains.

Different Types of High

We have discussed the different types of strain, and all provide the different types of high. THC and CBD weed Canada are the prime reason behind the high. The effects or high depends on multiple factors – height, weight, THC percentage, etc. Let’s see what all types of high people experience.

  • Energized

Sativa strain is responsible for making you energized. Sativa or a higher THC product is a great way to start if you are looking forward to feeling the energy. Some might become more social, and some may see an increase in creativity.

  • Relaxed

Many people use weed to relax, and CBD is responsible for it. Blue Dream is a type of hybrid that is famous for relaxation. It relaxes your mind, and you start feeling well-being and increase creativity.

  • Sleepy

Indica is the most potent weed strain that will give you a sleepy high. Some hybrid strains also have a sleepy high. Granddaddy Purple is a hybrid Sativa that will help you to sleep for a few hours.

  • Uplifted 

Feeling uplifted or being in a good mood is one of the common effects of cannabis. Uplifting high is the prime reason behind the medicinal usage of weed in depression and anxiety.

  • Euphoric 

It is a kind high that people get from the most potent weed, and you will feel high. Indica or OG Kush is an excellent example of a strain for the euphoric high.

Different Ways of Weed Consumptions

People can consume weed in different ways according to their convenience. Some people prefer smoking and vaping, while some prefer edibles and cannabis drinks.

Smoking is one of the famous ways of weed consumption. People use pre-roll, pipe, or bong to smoke. Cannabis flower or leaves is used for smoking and has a pungent smell in burnt and unburnt cases. People grind the cannabis flower using a grinder or hand and convert it into smokable particles. Fill it into the pre-rolled cones, roll the tip, and you are ready to use.

Edibles are also one of the most consumed ways, and it is a food infused with cannabis. Mainly, THC is used to infuse food to make edibles, and gummies are examples of edibles. Since edibles are food, it takes time to digest and provide the high after some time.

Cannabis concentrates are another product that is used in different methods. People roll it with a joint and smoke it for a higher effect. Dabbing is a popular way of consumption in which people heat the concentrates and inhale the smoke.


People get different effects, and multiple factors play a role. Cannabis plant strains – Sativa, Indica, and hybrid are one of them. Indica is a more powerful weed than Sativa, while hybrids are balanced strains. The effects of strain depend on the ratio of THC and CBD, and you can change the ratio in a hybrid. All the strains give different highs, like energized, relaxed, sleepy, and uplifted. Check out Bento if you are looking for dispensary delivery near me.

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