Do Iget vapes contain nicotine?

Most IGET vapes contain nicotine, they are branded as a disposable nicotine vape company.

The various iget products contain different quantities of nicotine. IGET XXL mega and king contain the standardised level of 5mg most frequently seen amongst pod systems as well as disposable vaporisers in the current market. This standard is also used by the JUUL.

How to recharge IGET Vape?

A question asked frequently. IGET vapes are a disposable vape, by definition they are supposed to be thrown out once finished and with that in mind they are not built with rechargeable batteries. The e-liquid and battery capacity have been thoroughly tested and synced so that the battery dies when no e-liquid of very e-liquid remains. I’ve seen people attempt to recharge their iget vape and would STRONGLY advise against doing this as just like your disposable batteries they are not created with the intention of being reused which could lead to electrical fires and acid leaks.

Where can you purchase IGET vapes?

IGET vapes can be purchased at Iget Vapes we stock a wide variety of flavours and all the popular variants of iget. We offer great prices and also provide quality customer support. To ensure your order is fulfilled and delivered in a reasonable time frame we provide free express shipping on orders over $100.

Advantages of IGET Bar

  • The IGET bar provides a larger capacity which means less time worrying about replacing your vape and more time enjoying it
  • New flavours – ice cream and cola ice! But also available are the staples check it out!
  • New coil system as we’ve increased the body size allowing for a greater vaping experience which I’m sure you’ll all appreciate.
  • New shape although wider it fits comfortably in your hand, made with texturised rubber allowing for good grip and feel.

Are there other alternatives vape’s available?

At IGET Vapes we provide a wide collection of products to ensure there’s a flavour and specific disposable vape that suits your everyday use or occasional weekend use.

Our IGet XXL Vape is popular cylindrical design that contains 1800 puffs. A good size for occasional use or those who like to change flavours more frequently.

Our IGET King Vape offers a more modern rectangular design and along with that comes a larger capacity of 2600 puffs. The tank is built out of a translucent casing, allowing users to see their remain e-liquid, this avoids the issues of your vape dying on your unexpectedly and also gives you ample notice to restock if you are running low.

The IGET bar Vape is our latest product from IGET we have increased the capacity to 3500 puffs listening to you our customers who have requested a larger tank. The IGET bar was created with the everyday vaper in mind their needs are definitely different from those of an occasional vaper as they require large tanks and familiarity which means from the first to last puff the experience is very similar. 

IGET Mega provides a large boxy design with rubberised texture throughout. The design allows for a larger battery and equivalently a larger capacity of 3000 puffs. The bigger battery provides better flavour and more noticeable clouds when exhaling.

These 3 designs are all very popular and offer their own advantages. They each come with their own unique flavours as well as the staples in every vaper’s arsenal. These combinations ensure there’s a disposable vape that you’ll fall in love with. If you’d like to try any of these, they can be found here at Iget Vapes

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