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Don Grady, known to millions as Robbie Douglas in the iconic TV series “My Three Sons,” passed away on June 27 at the age of 68. His co-star Barry Livingston, who portrayed Ernie Douglas, the youngest of the “three sons,” confirmed his death. Here, we take a closer look at Grady’s remarkable life and legacy, which spanned not just the world of television, but also that of music.

Who Was Don Grady?

Born Don Louis Agrati on June 8, 1944, in San Diego, Don Grady achieved fame early on in his life. At just 13, he began his entertainment career singing and dancing on “The Mickey Mouse Club.” While this was a significant stepping stone, it was his role on “My Three Sons” that would make him a household name. Grady played Robbie Douglas, the middle son in the early years and later the eldest, from 1960 to 1972. The show was among the longest-running family sitcoms of its time with 380 episodes.

What Was “My Three Sons” About?

“My Three Sons” was a family sitcom that aired first on ABC and later on CBS. Fred MacMurray starred as a widowed aeronautical engineer named Steve Douglas, who is raising his three sons. Initially, Grady portrayed the middle brother Robbie, with Tim Considine as the eldest, Mike, and Stanley Livingston as the youngest, Chip. Barry Livingston later joined the cast as Ernie, the adopted third son, after Tim Considine left the series. The show was cherished for its portrayal of a loving but sometimes chaotic family, exploring both comedic and dramatic elements.

What Was His Contribution to Music?

Don Grady was a musical prodigy and his talent was reflected even in his role on “My Three Sons,” where his character Robbie was part of a band named the Greefs. Grady was best known for playing drums for Yellow Balloon, an eight-member band whose self-titled song became a minor hit in 1967. But his musical journey did not stop there: in 1972 Grady formed another group called Apocrypha which enjoyed more success; while other solo projects also led by Grady found some success during that period.
He composed the theme for “The Phil Donahue Show” and contributed music to various other projects including movies and stage productions.

How Did He Influence His Co-stars?

Barry Livingston, who played Ernie on “My Three Sons,” described Grady as an older brother figure, both on and off-screen. “It’s the oldest cliché in the world when TV brothers start referring to each other like biological brothers, but he was the oldest, and somebody I looked up to and learned from a great deal about life,” Livingston said. This relationship wasn’t just a testament to the close-knit community of the show but also spoke to Grady’s role as a mentor.

How Will He Be Remembered?

“The one real through-line in his life was music,” according to Barry Livingston. While most of us remember Don Grady as Robbie Douglas, the eldest brother on “My Three Sons,” his musical contributions were equally impactful. Whether it was his role as a loving big brother or his gift for creating beautiful music, Grady left an indelible mark. He might have left us, but his legacy will continue to inspire and entertain future generations.

Don Grady lived an extraordinary life of on-screen charisma and off-screen talent. While mourners worldwide mourn his departure, Don will undoubtedly be remembered not just for his iconic roles on America’s most beloved family sitcoms but also his incredible musical prowess.

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