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Harish Salve, a notable figure in India’s legal fraternity, has had an illustrious career. He has made headlines multiple times, and most recently for his role in the hearing for Maharashtra’s newly elected Chief Minister, Eknath Shinde. Here’s everything you need to know about this influential legal mind.

Who is Harish Salve?

Harish Salve was born on 22nd June 1955 in Warud, Sindkheda, Dhule, Maharashtra, India. He comes from a Marathi family, enriched with a diverse professional background. His father, Narendra Kumar Prasadrao Salve, was not only a Chartered Accountant but also a politician with the Indian National Congress. His mother, Ambriti Salve, contributed to the community as a doctor. Harish Salve’s multi-faceted family background perhaps influenced his multi-dimensional approach to his career. He is currently 66 years old and continues to actively contribute to the Indian judiciary system.

What is Harish Salve’s Educational Background?

Harish Salve completed his schooling at St. Francis De’Sales High School in Nagpur. He served as Solicitor General of India from November 1999 until November 2002, using his eloquence and strategic litigation techniques to represent India before international forums such as the International Court of Justice. His diverse educational background has made him a versatile advocate, capable of understanding intricate financial cases along with other areas of law.

Harish Salve’s Marriages and Family Life

Harish Salve has been married twice. His first marriage was to Meenakshi Salve in 1982. The couple has two daughters, Sakshi Salve and Saaniya Salve. The family was seen as a prominent and respected unit until Harish and Meenakshi decided to part ways. After 38 years of being together, they got divorced in 2020. Not much later, Harish Salve found love again and married Caroline Brossard, a London-based artist, in October of the same year. The couple welcomed a daughter named Anabelle Brossard Salve, expanding the family.

How did Harish Salve’s Career Unfold?

Harish Salve’s career is a paradigm of achievements and notable milestones. From November 1999 to November 2002, he served as Solicitor General of India. Due to his impressive eloquence and innovative litigation tactics, he also represented India at international forums, such as the International Court of Justice. Salve is also a senior advocate at the Supreme Court of India, providing his legal expertise on critical and high-profile cases. His recent involvement in the Supreme Court hearing concerning Maharashtra’s newly elected Chief Minister, Eknath Shinde, has once again put him in the spotlight. During the hearing, Salve made a pragmatic argument that a change in the Chief Minister wouldn’t bring drastic consequences to the state’s administration.

What is Harish Salve’s Net Worth?

Harish Salve remains one of the highest-paid lawyers in India and his wealth reflects both years of hard work as well as skill and commitment he’s shown over his career – not only do his cases bring financial returns but they garner respect within legal communities as well. While details surrounding Salve’s net worth remain confidential, he’s widely seen as among India’s highest paid legal minds. His wealth demonstrates both factors.

With these subheadings, we’ve aimed to cover the major aspects of Harish Salve’s life, educational background, personal life, and career. The man continues to be a colossal figure in India’s legal ecosystem, garnering attention and respect from all corners.

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