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Donald Invincible The story roams around a teenager!

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We cannot imagine childhood without cartoon characters. These characters are just imaginations, but for many of us, they were different worlds. Some of the most loved cartoon characters on the planet are Tom and Jerry, Mickey Mouse and many more. But if anyone thinks that fairy tales are only meant to entertain young boys and girls, then they are completely wrong. Recently, we’ve seen a lot of anime series that are made with an adult audience in mind. In this article by Donald Invincible, we’ll talk about one such anime series from the United States.


The animated series Invincible is a famous animated series about superheroes. It is based on a comic book written by Robert Kirkman. It was released on the Amazon Prime Video online streaming platform on March 26, 2021. So far, seven episodes have been released on the Platform. People loved the animated series and received an 8.8 rating on the IMDB platform.

Now let’s move on and look at the heroes of this story.

Donald Invincible

The story revolves around a teenager named Mark Grayson. Mark, however, is a normal young man, but his dad, Nolan, is not a normal person. Nolan is in fact the most influential superhero on earth. Steven Yeun played the voice of Mark Grayson, and at the same time J.K. Simmons gave the character Nolan his voice. There are many other talented artists who have brought anime characters to life with their voices. Donald Invincible, who plays the role of an agent for Global Defense academy, has a voice from Chris Diamantopoulous.

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There are other exciting characters in the series, such as Damien Darkblood, The Mauer Twins, etc. This article is not intended to spoil your fun, so we recommend that you watch this amazing series yourself.

Final words

People all over the US like anime series, and now they got their gift of the Invincible series. The eighth episode of the series has yet to be released, but you can check out the released ones and learn about Donald Invincible and other characters. Please go and watch the program.

We hope you enjoy the series and give us your favorite character in the comments section below.

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