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Dorra Slimming is a quick and effective weight loss method

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Many women professionals who are financially independent lead a very hectic life. They do not have the time to cook and eat nutritious and healthy food. They also do not have time to exercise and may not sleep well due to long working hours and high stress levels. When women are stressed they are also overeating, binging on sweets and other high calorie food. Hence working women often gain weight which adversely affects their appearance and may cause health problems. Women who wish to lose weight are told to go on a diet, reducing their food intake but this may cause other health problems. Working women also do not have the time to exercise for several hours daily. Hence increasingly women in Singapore are using Dorra Slimming to lose weight quickly and safely because of the various benefits which are discussed below.

Conventional Weight loss methods

Conventional weight loss methods usually focus on dieting, reducing the food intake drastically. However,often the diet does not include the nutrients required for the normal functioning of the body causing additional health problems. The working woman may feel weak, and this will affect her professionally. While injections or surgical procedures can be used for fat removal these are risky and expensive. Similarly diet pills have side effects, so they are not recommended by doctors. While exercising can help in weight loss to some extent, most working women are extremely tired and have less free time for exercising. Massages and body steaming may also be used, yet this causes discomfort, and the weight loss is very slow.

Effective slimming

Understanding the problems faced by working women with a busy schedule, Dorra Slimming has developed a very effective weight loss method,after extensive research. Their experts realized that most fat accumulates in the body on the tummy, thighs and hips. So they have developed a weight loss technique which combines using a machine for dissolving the fat, and a supplement which prevents fat from accumulating in the body. The supplement will also increase the rate at which the deposited fat is metabolized to produce energy, making it easier to lose weight and preventing weight gain.

The specialized machine available is applied to the parts of the body where the fat has accumulated to break down the fat cells. Typically the machine is used for sessions of duration between twenty to forty minutes to destroy the fat cells and can help in reducing the waist by up to 5 cm. So busy women do not have to spend much time on treatment using this method.

Lifestyle changes

While there are many weight loss clinics, it is important to check whether they offer personalized advice. Often the woman finds that after the initial weight loss, it is difficult to lose weight. In this case, having a consultant who offers advice like starving may help. Additionally women are also told to make additional changes like having a healthy breakfast, dinner before 6 pm, skipping supper and drinking at least two litres of water so that they lose weight quickly and do regain the weight they have lost.

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