Download Minecraft Pe 1.21, 1.21.0 on Android: New Features, Biomes and Mobs

Recently, the Mojang team has released the long-awaited release of Minecraft 1.21.0 on Android. Developers are actively updating the game, adding new interesting features to it. In this release, the Mojang team will delight us with new biomes, mobs, blocks and expanded gameplay, but we will give more details a little below.

Changes and new content in Minecraft 1.21.0

This version of Minecraft will introduce two unique mobs: the Breeze and the Armadillo. Breeze lives in the Chamber of Trials biome (new location). He attacks players with wind projectiles, a direct hit of which causes health damage, and is also able to jump high. If the projectile hits a block, it explodes (without damage), and various levers, buttons and other elements are activated.

Armadillo is a passive mob that lives in Savannah. He appeared as a result of the results of this year’s user vote. Armadillo curls up into a ball in case of danger. After death, it can be used to craft Wolf Armour (used to protect animals).

Biome: Chamber of Trials

At the moment we know about the addition of only one new biome in 1.21.0 – the Chamber of Trials. It is a long corridor with several floors and numerous rooms. They are generated randomly. The chamber consists of two types of blocks: Copper and Tuff. Here players will have to pass various tests, fight with Breeze, explore Chests with various useful items.

Another unique element that appears in this biome is the Trial Spouter. It generates various monsters, as well as useful materials. The type of mobs that will appear from the Spouter is indicated by the appearance of the blocks around it. And the number of monsters, as well as the type of drop depends on the players. After the appearance of mobs Spouter needs to recharge, the sign of which are particles of smoke.


The Crafter is an improved version of the Workbench, with which you can create various items automatically. You can only load ingredients into it, but you will not be able to remove the resulting item yourself. It is possible to programme the Crafter to create certain items. To work he needs Redstone energy.

New biome, mobs, blocks and elements of crafting – the developers have prepared a lot of interesting content! If you like all the innovations, then we recommend that you download Minecraft 1.21.0 on Android completely free from the portal MCPELIFE. The game does not require a licence and works on all phones with OS Android. Go on an adventure!Download Minecraft –

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