Dragon Master 52 Dragon Master 52 Playing Strategy

Studio “Magic Hat” was created with “Dragon Master”.

It’s a new type, which claims to be in association with “RTS”, MOBA and “Blockchain”.

The game is already popular All Over. Many players are looking for new experiences.

The game features unique features that set it apart from other games.

For our readers and gamers, we offer some suggestions about the game. Let’s talk about Dragon Master52.

What is the game?

We have already mentioned that this game has many unique features. You can also play the game with different experiences.

You can play the game with superpower dragons. The players have the option to choose from a variety of dragons and then capture them. You can use the dragons as a starting and ending point for a game.

It is the best pattern in the game. This is not all. The power of Blockchain gives the game stronger and more robust elements.

The game includes security enhancements from Ethereum and provides absolute security against any cyber-attacks.

What is Dragon Master 52?

Let’s now get to the point.

The Dragon Land is home to Lemuria, a Dragon Master living inland. There are many kinds of dragons that live in this land, each with their own power.

There are many types of dragons that one can explore as a player. Different dragons have different names, abilities, strengths, and features.

They also have very distinctive names. The names of the dragons will include “Bomb Dragon”, Titan Dragon, Free Dragon, and Thunder Dragon.

Each of these dragons is available to a player. Each player can pursue the mission and complete each task according to the rule.

Dragon Master 52 Playing Strategy

To win the “Dragon Master” game, you must develop a strategy.

Making your own dragons team is the most important part of the game. The game rules allow players to take up to four different sizes of dragons.

Extra-large, large and medium size dragons are acceptable. It will complete the player’s team.

Gamers can play the game with the four dragon sizes. The battlefield’s name translates to “5 tracks”.

This Dragon Master 52 has a general rule.

You can choose a huge dragon. It is heavyweight but not very powerful. The dragon can only be pushed on the battlefield by the larger dragons. It increases the player’s “HP” and initiates the hit power. We are able to identify the winners when the “HP”, hits the “Zero Line”.


Gamers are increasingly taking to the game. Many game fans want to play this game.

It is used for many reasons. Gamers have the option to combine various types of team members based on their skill, power and strategy.

Players can play Dragon Master games on their Android version.

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