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Duints Reviews Is Duints Legit

Are you a fashion craze person? Do you browse the internet to find the latest fashions? If so, then when browsing, you may have come across Duints com. Do you believe that the site is genuine?

Duints com is a site which aims to offer customers with a personalized experience for customers who shop. Americans had been drawn to the merchandise on this website and requested Duints Reviews. We will go through the following article to gain a better understanding of the legitimacy of this site.

Take note of the points that make up Duints com.

Duints com is the online portal that offers a huge selection of merchandise that will make you shine with trendy and fashionable products. They offer a wide range of appearance and construction of their merchandise. The items on this website are bags, jewelry and hats, a portable camera, a table for storage and pants, among others.

The specifications for this web portal.

. So, let’s have a look at this website.

  • Website type:An online store that sells items such as jewelry, bags, dresses Storage table, and more. We are contacting you to clarify the web page, we have not been able to find Duints, is Duints legitimate ?
  • E.mail: [email protected].
  • Website-
  • Contact address: 120-Walden Ridge Way, Summerville, South-Carolina, 29485, United States
  • Contact number for reference: +1(213) 866-7610
  • Cost of products:US dollars
  • Sorting and FilteringThey offer a huge selection of products on their website. The products are all diverse in nature. Therefore, it is possible to sort and filter the items.
  • Payment options:Payments had acknowledged through Visa, JCB, Diners Club, Discover, PayPal, Maestro, and American express
  • Shipping Policy:Free shipping for products that are purchased for less than 50 dollars.
  • Return Policy:Products will be accepted when returned after 30 days.
  • Social media hyperlinks This feature was removed on this website.

This review by Duints Review The Duints Reviewsdemands more details to discover the truth about the legitimacy of the site. In the future, we will look into some negative and positive information about the website.

Facts about the web

  • The prices are reasonable and reflect the most recent fashions.
  • Descriptions are written in a way that is compatible and include the product’s features, specifications, etc.
  • Contact information was noted on the website
  • HTTPS certificate used in Duints.
  • Every policy that go beyond a return to privacy policy are clearly stated.

Positive facts

  • The site was not associated with social media platforms to ensure consistent updates.
  • Its trust rating is 1 % , which isn’t enough for a high-quality website.
  • The users had not posted their opinions on any product on the website.

Is Duints Legit

This review can be sturdy enough to establish the authenticity of this site. Let’s add some more facts to support the claims.

  • Site AgeThis site was just created. (Creation date: 20th October 2021).
  • The Trust score for the Website:1 %, which shows the website’s ranking in the Bad Trust index.
  • Rating on Alexa: Alexa ranking is 1978735. (It indicates that it isn’t popular with the general public).
  • The validity of contact addresses:The contact number mentioned is part of it’s Los Angeles location. However it is located within South Carolina.
  • The reviews of customers:Even though this website draws attention of customers due to its products the customers did not succeed in sharing Duints’ Reviews.
  • The legitimacy of the email ID The email ID isn’t responsive.
  • Originality of Content:Contents seem copied from several fake websites. The website indicated that the site was created in the year of 2016. We noticed, however, that the domain was developed recently; and is about six-months older.
  • The owner’s name is:Owners credentials are hidden from anywhere in the world.
  • Social Media Connection is not in any way associated with social media platforms.
  • A Return Policy and Exchange policy Refunds within 30 days is permitted.
  • Return Policy Refunds are made after verification of the refund acknowledgement via mail.

The Duints Reviews

Recently, websites that offer trendy products are highly sought-after. The site doesn’t provide any customer reviews. In our search we came across some negative customer reviews on other sites Evelyn G.S One unhappy customer who was not provided with an item and was unable to get in touch with them.


We have concluded and finished this review. Therefore, we encourage you to investigate further to know more about the credibility of the site.

We hope that you are pleased with the review of the Duints Review Duints Reviewsprovided in this post. Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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