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Eight Canvas Print Styles to Transform Any Workplace

When decorating an office space, it’s best to present a décor that appeals to a wide audience with varying tastes: employees, visitors, clients, suppliers.  

Decorating an office space is different to decorating a home. 

Yes, it would be great to hang original artworks, bring in high-price decorative furnishings, and go for the boutique look, but a sensible budget outlook says otherwise.

Cheaper and budget-friendlier ideas that are both artsy and sophisticated are needed instead.

And the leading contender here?

Canvas Prints tick all the boxes, making them an outstanding choice for new office décor.

Canvas art prints add class, quality, professionalism, savvy design taste, warmth, humor, emotion, and even inspiration. These large and colorful printings will add a touch of personality to any room and bring your workspace to life.

For all those of you still searching for novel ideas for transforming the look and feel of an office, here’s a list of the top 8 Canvas Print styles guaranteed to transform the ambiance in your workplace. 

Canvas Print Styles to Revamp your Workplace

Basic large Prints

Being basic and straightforward will never go out of style. The large-sized Canvas Prints are an attractive choice for reflecting quality at a sensible price. They are cheaper than other Canvas Prints and can easily be moved around from one space to another – a portable option for changing the look of larger offices with multiple rooms. 

Because Canvas Prints are produced using wrinkle-resistant polymers, they are long-lasting and spare you the hassle of redecorating any time soon. 

Collage Canvas Prints

Used in the right way and in the right space, Photo Collages speak volumes for the atmosphere and the people working together in an office.

Putting up several pictures of office events and staff working together or celebrating is a clever and appropriate way of highlighting the company’s achievements by showcasing its human capital.

For a sophisticated and artistic look, you can have the photos printed on different-sized canvases and arrange them to create eye-catching patterns. 

Hanging Photo Collage canvases of colleagues working together is guaranteed to motivate employees in any office environment. 

Pop art prints

Companies today want to give off a trendy vibe, applying this jazzy, contemporary look to their office spaces for a real lift, along with the latest décor and sharp furnishings, of course.

Pop art Canvas Prints are an excellent answer here, fitting in well with today’s corporate culture. Restaurants, fashion boutiques and retail outlets especially prefer pop art prints for their bright colour palette, fresh vibe, eclectic subject range and rich appeal.

Pop art canvases are the ideal choice for decorating break rooms, reception areas and office corridors.

Panoramic Canvas Prints

Panoramic Canvas Prints look very life-like and glamorous, yet are a sophisticated choice for any office. When combined with appropriate furnishing and lighting, they can change the whole mood of a space. 

Panoramic prints are most suitable for office rooms with large wall space. For maximum effect, scenery works best here, delivering that country-in-the-city look. A popular creative application with panoramic Canvas Prints is to print out a photo collage of company photos in a single shot. And how about a single panoramic Canvas Print of the company logo to give the room a bolder, more corporate feel?

Abstract art 

Abstract art is a popular, conventional choice for home office décor. To avoid the associated high price tag, simply take a good look at our range of Canvas Prints featuring abstract art to give your office an edgy, contemporary look, with your budget firmly in mind. 

Framed Canvas

Framed Canvas Prints are more commonly used for decorating homes, but can work equally well in any office for a more personal touch. The framing hints at gallery-quality artwork and gives the subject that extra edge.

Split photo print

Splitting a single photo into 3 segments (a triptych) makes for an impressive presentation and is an innovative approach to decorating any space. This technique can even help fill in a large area, but does it artistically. It also adds a clever, modern touch to the room’s general décor. Generic artistic photographs of cityscapes and scenery are ideal for office spaces. 

Long vertical prints

When you don’t have enough space on your walls to hang up a large horizontal or square print, then you can go for the taller, vertical prints. 

Vertical Canvas Prints make the room look taller and subtly enhance the vibe of the room. This type of print is more appropriate for hallways or for meeting rooms. Prints of paintings or colorful themes on vertical canvases are an absolute standout choice. 

Here are some hot tips on decorating with Canvas Prints. 

  • Ensure that all the Canvas Prints you hang in the office best express the business’s heart and soul
  • Use large and colorful photos for Canvas Prints, because these so easily catch the eye and make a pleasant impact on visitors
  • For a local business, try incorporating local flavours into the overall Canvas Print theme
  • And for an office with international reach, simply add a few exotic scenes to bring the world to the workspace
  • Instead of focusing on just one type of photo, try mixing and matching professional photos with artistic and creative photos to create an eclectic Canvas Print décor.

Are Large-sized Canvases the Best and Only Option?

Aside from being creative and tasteful, there are other factors to consider when decorating an office. Each room serves a different purpose, so the décor should portray the mood appropriate for that space. 

Not to mention the personal taste of individuals in all rooms of the office. Of course, when it comes to decorating common spaces such as meeting rooms or break rooms, a general taste is what matters most here.

As for selecting large-sized prints only, let’s remember that there are several types of Canvas Prints that will create different and innovative décor plans. 

Need to lighten up an office space? For best choices from a whole range of Canvas Prints go here [link].

Canvas Prints to add that Element of Play to your Office

Because we spend so much time at the office, we want the overall décor to be welcoming, warm, cheerful, maybe even inspiring for those sitting there for long hours.

At the same time, Canvas Prints create a classy and sophisticated environment for conducting business in. 

How about some tasteful modern Canvas Prints, such as hexagonal prints or tile prints?

Life is all about choices, so simply go to [link/s], make some easy decisions and start creating a brand-new look for your office.

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