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What You Need to Remember when Hosting a School Fairground or Funfair

A popular way to bring everyone together in the spirit of camaraderie and rapport is to host and organise a school fair. A fairground or funfair held on the school grounds or campus is a lot of fun; everyone can participate and enjoy it to the fullest. Even the entire community can join in, and it’s a fantastic (not to mention easy) way to raise funds. But as anyone who has tried to organise such an event before will point out – yes, it can be fun and rewarding, but it is a definite challenge to sort out and plan, particularly regarding logistics. But as long as you are clever with the planning and don’t take anything for granted, there’s no reason why it couldn’t become a success. So how can you plan and organise a school funfair or fairground and make it work? Let’s find out what you must remember when hosting a school fairground or funfair. 

The basics 

But first – there are some basic things you have to remember before you start. One is what are your goals and objectives for hosting the event? In other words, what do you hope to accomplish by the event’s end? For example, is it to raise funds (as is often the case), or do you want to have an event the whole community can participate in? As long as you are clear with your goals from the beginning, this will help you with decisions regarding the price of tickets, the costs, the expenses on food, etc. 

Also, an important aspect to consider when organizing an event is how to make custom wristband or sell tickets individually. They provide a practical solution for managing access to various activities and attractions, and you can have a unified identification system that allows participants to enjoy all the activities based on the funds you aim to raise. In addition, it is crucial to determine the estimated number of attendees and allocate a budget for games, attractions, rides, food, and other expenses. By careful planning, you can streamline the entry process and enhance the overall experience for participants.

Top tips for planning the event 

  • Decide on the time and location

One of the first things you need to do after determining the basics is to decide on the time and location. Most funfairs and fairgrounds are set or hosted right on the school grounds or property, according to fairground hire specialists like We Are Tricycle, and this can already help you save on the costs of finding a location and paying for it. Think also about the insurance you need to be able to host the event and speak to a professional provider. 

When choosing a date for the funfair or fairground, be sure to have an alternative date just in case it rains, or you have to cancel – it’s always good to have a backup plan. Also, be aware of the sports games or competitions in your local area – make sure the parents can attend (hence the importance of having a plan B). 

  • Decide on the games

As mentioned, you can easily find a funfair hire company that can provide you with the necessary games and stalls. But don’t forget to set up contests which everyone can participate in to make it more fun, and give prizes to the winners. You can even set up a scavenger or treasure hunt within the school grounds, and a popular game to include in the festivities would be a dunking booth with the school headmaster or a teacher to serve as a target! 

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