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Elom Ahlija-Wilson: A Dynamic Force on Love Island

Elom Ahlijah-Wilson, a vibrant personality hailing from London, England, stepped into the limelight as a contestant in the tenth season of the popular reality show Love Island. Bursting onto the scene on Day 26, Elom brought with him a captivating energy that quickly attracted fellow contestant Catherine Agbaje.

Despite their efforts and growing connection, Elom and Catherine’s journey on Love Island was cut short on Day 38 when they received the fewest public votes. Regardless of this setback, Elom’s confident, outgoing, and humorous nature left an indelible impression on viewers.

An Unexpected Love Triangle

Adding a layer of complexity to Elom’s Love Island journey was a love triangle that involved him, Catherine, and Scott van-der-Sluis. This unexpected turn of events added to the suspense and entertainment of the show, while also presenting Elom with additional challenges.

Meet Elom Ahlija-Wilson: Masseuse, Fitness Trainer, and Love Island Contender

At just 22 years old, Elom Ahlijah-Wilson is a dynamic personality who wears many hats. As a professional masseuse and fitness trainer, he showcases his passion for wellness and a healthy lifestyle. However, he is equally comfortable under the reality TV spotlight, having joined the cast of Love Island’s Casa Amor series.

The Journey to Love Island

Elom’s journey to Love Island started in London, where he was born and raised. Known for his confidence and direct approach, Elom did not shy away from ruffling a few feathers while on the show. Despite his premature exit, Elom’s charismatic personality and engaging presence ensured that he left a lasting impact.

Elom Ahlija-Wilson: Age and Social Media Presence

Born in 2001, Elom Ahlijah-Wilson is 22 years old. While his passion for wellness and fitness is evident through his profession as a fitness trainer and masseuse, he also shares this aspect of his life on his Instagram account, @_truegains.

Balancing Fitness and Fame

Elom successfully balances his dedication to physical wellness with his newfound fame from Love Island. Despite the show’s guidelines preventing contestants from being active on social media during their time in the villa, fans eagerly await Elom’s return to his Instagram platform, where he shares wellness tips, workout videos, and motivational posts.

Delving into Elom Ahlija-Wilson’s Career

While information about Elom’s personal life and family remains private, his career tells a story of dedication and hard work. Aside from his Love Island journey, Elom has built a successful career as a fitness trainer and masseuse.

From Financial Advisor to Fitness Guru

Elom is the founder and owner of TrueGains, a personal training service based in London. His LinkedIn profile indicates that he has a background in investment banking, having served as a financial advisor and held roles in administration and business development management at Barclays.

After completing his BTEC Level 3 extended diploma in business and finance at Hertford Regional College in 2020, Elom pivoted to the wellness industry. His professional endeavors showcase his commitment to helping others achieve their health goals, both physically and mentally. Despite his Love Island stint, Elom’s true passion lies in the world of fitness and wellness. His dynamic career reflects his versatile talents and his dedication to inspiring others on their fitness journeys.

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