Is Themba Gorimbo Gay? Get All the Details You Need Here!

Themba Gorimbo, the mixed martial artist from Bikita, Masvingo, Zimbabwe, has made waves not just for his prowess inside the octagon but also for his inspiring life journey. Starting with the heart-wrenching loss of both parents at a young age, Gorimbo turned to diamond mining for survival before charting a new path in MMA, making history as the first Zimbabwean to win a UFC fight.

Connection with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

After a significant victory at UFC Vegas 73, Gorimbo’s touching story of having only $7 in his bank and his philanthropic decision to auction off his fight kit for his village resonated deeply with Dwayne Johnson. The superstar gifted the Zimbabwean fighter a house in Miami, further solidifying their bond and highlighting Gorimbo’s impact outside the cage.

The Speculation: Is Themba Gorimbo Gay?

The world of celebrity often sees fans diving deep into the personal lives of their idols. Such is the case with Gorimbo, whose close connections, especially with male companions like Johnson, have sparked speculations about his sexual orientation. It’s vital, however, to distinguish between genuine friendships and one’s personal romantic life, which Gorimbo has chosen to keep private.

Gorimbo’s Age and Early Life

Born on January 23, 1991, Themba T. Lawrence Gorimbo faced immense hardships early on. Losing his mother at just nine and then his father at thirteen, Gorimbo stepped up as the family’s anchor, showcasing maturity and tenacity that would later define his MMA career.

Net Worth and Financial Success

From a challenging beginning, Gorimbo has risen to an estimated net worth of around $1 million, primarily from his UFC stints and sponsorships. His partnership with brands like Monster Energy and the Miami house gift from Johnson have considerably bolstered his financial stature.

A Pillar for His Family

The fighter’s family story is a poignant one. After the demise of his parents, he assumed the role of the guardian, ensuring the well-being of his younger siblings. His venture into the perilous world of diamond mining in Marange is a testament to the lengths he would go for his family.

Career Highlights and Achievements

Gorimbo’s MMA journey began in 2010. His impressive 10-3 record led him to the Extreme Fighting Championship in 2018, where he clinched the welterweight title. By 2022, his exceptional skills caught the UFC’s attention. The triumph against Takashi Sato at UFC Vegas 73 not only placed him on the global map but also displayed his commitment to aiding his native village.

Beyond the Octagon

Apart from his on-ring achievements, Gorimbo’s decision to fund a water well project in his village underscores his commitment to community welfare. His journey serves as an inspiration, proving that with perseverance and a giving heart, one can achieve greatness both inside the octagon and in life.

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