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Enhance Your Business’s Exposure with Storefront Signage

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Do you ever walk into a store and notice the signage even before you seek services? It could be because someone did an excellent job or, in some cases, terrible graphics. Whatever you thought about the sign, it surely left a lasting impression on you and probably a hundred more customers.

Storefront signage is what a customer will see when they first walk into the establishments. Since making an impeccable first impression is crucial, it is equally important to invest in the right company for the job. From intricate or simple designs to perfect finishing, the quality of your signage could make or break your business.

What are the types of Storefront Signage

There are various types of storefront signs. The type of business determines the most suitable shop signage. These signs include

  • Dimensional Letters- These are three-dimensional texts that come in various fonts, colors, and graphics. You can mount them in different ways to enhance how they stick out, or create a more subtle look.
  • Wall Signs-  They are flat panels of graphics usually enhanced with other features such as  acrylic textures. Wall signs typically hang on a wall inside or outside the store that customers see when they first walk in.
  • Awnings- They can be metal or canvas doorway dress-ups meant to serve multiple purposes. Commercial awnings help convey messages or provide inventory. They could also help protect interior designs from fading due to the sun while protecting customers from such elements.
  • Window Signage- Storefront window signs are a creative way of promoting products or services to potential customers before they enter your business. From window film to eye-catching graphics, there is a lot you can do to promote your business right from the window.
  • Hanging Blade Signs- These signs are mounted on the side of the shop or on free-standing posts. They are usually situated perpendicular to the building, ideally on the side with the most traffic to attract customers.
  • Banners– They offer a relatively inexpensive and temporary option for advertising or making announcements. The various types of banners include attached, hanging, pin-up, outdoor wrap, hand-held, post outdoor, pole outdoor and roll-up banners.

What Should You Consider When Choosing a Storefront Sign

A lot goes into designing an effective storefront sign. The primary goal is to make a statement that will last in the minds of your audience for a long time and hopefully make them trust you to serve them. The signs will not only impact the impression you give but also affect the delivery of your message.

Here are a few things to consider when designing or selecting a storefront sign.

1.The Type of Storefront Sign

Now that you know the various types of signage available, it is crucial to choose the right one depending on the nature of your business or the purpose of the signage. For example, if you wish to make a sale announcement, it would be reasonable to go for temporary options such as pin-up or roller banners.

 2.Brand Consistency

The colors and fonts of your storefront signage should remain consistent with other brand elements. Notably, brands like KFC can use their logo at their storefront, and you will still spot the same designs on their packaging and merchandise. Similarly, your storefront signage should remain recognizable.

 3.The Message You Want to Deliver

Custom storefront signage comes in handy when trying to get a message across. You can include a tagline or other content on your storefront without overshadowing your brand name.

 4.Size of the Signage

Size is an essential part of graphic design. Your storefront signage should be large enough to read from afar, no matter the type. However, note that the size of the signs may be limited by zoning or rental restrictions; thus, it is vital to stay informed and comply with the given guidelines.If you need help selecting or designing custom storefront signs, investing in the services of trusted and talented professionals is advisable. Contact us today to get a quote on your project. 

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