Erectile Dysfunction Toronto or ED is a men’s wellness concern that men from all ages and backgrounds suffer from. ED can be categorized as difficult to achieve and maintain an erection for sexual intercourse. There are various symptoms and conditions which are a part of erectile dysfunction. Those who are suffering from it, find it difficult to talk about. This is mostly due to the stigma that surrounds it. As ED gives rise to sexual difficulties, it takes a toll on men which gives rise to shame, embarrassment and anxiety. This can impact relationships as well. Due to all these reasons men are reluctant to take help. They often find themselves feeling lost. What if we told you that there are non-surgical treatment options you can consider? Well, we are here to help you understand ED better and discuss the non-invasive options you can look into.

What causes erectile dysfunction?

There are two reasons why erectile dysfunction might take place. It could be a physical concern that has been caused by an injury to the nerve or the blood vessels of the penis. This can impact the flow of blood which has a direct impact. ED can also be caused due to hormonal imbalances, diabetes, smoking, nerve damage, spinal cord injuries and neurodegenerative disorders. There are psychological reasons that also give rise to ED. These include stress, anger, trauma, performance anxiety and frustration.

What are the non-surgical treatment options?

When experiencing ED, the blood flow to the penile tissues needs to be improved. Two non-surgical options help to improve the performance, width and girth of the penis. They are as follows:

Dermal Fillers: Yes, you read it right. The Hyaluronic Acid dermal fillers can be used for targeting ED. HA is a hydrating substance that is naturally present in the human body. When HA filler is injected into the penile tissue, its size increases. This happens as the cross-linked molecules of HA draw moisture into themselves and hold them. While doing that, it also stimulates collagen production. As the procedure is non-invasive, the results are not permanent and the filler is metabolized by the body. You will have to undergo repeated treatments to maintain the results. This will increase the collagen deposits in the penis, which helps to attain a long-lasting boost in size, strength and erection performance. It is recommended to undergo the treatment once every year.

PRP Therapy: Also known as the P-shot, this treatment uses the growth and healing factors present in the blood. A small amount of blood is taken from the patient. This blood is spun at high speed to separate the growth factors from the other blood components. These factors are then injected into the penile tissue. This plasma serum is potent and helps generate blood vessel formation, natural collagen and elastin. As the production increases, you will see an increase in size and strength. It further enhances performance. The stem cells present in PRP repair the blood vessels.

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