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Cobra Kai: The Fan Theories That May Surprise In Season 4

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LLike the first two seasons, the third of Cobra Kai that premiered on the first day of 2021 was a real success. Fans already want to know what will happen next and how the story will continue. The theories of the fans begin to take center stage and some of them can be fulfilled.

At the moment it is not known when it will be released, but producers and actors have already said that the story will continue. Netflix will continue betting on one of the series of the moment.

Some fans are already beginning to speculate and the Terry Silver lap is making more and more sense. The villain will recreate his Karate Kid III plan with the help of his money. Would you like to see it again?

Another of fan theory is that the All-Valley tournament takes place. Miguel Diaz, the last champion, could reach the final with Robby Keen.

Julie Pierce, one of the most requested, could be Sam’s new coach. Her character would be a third master. Ultimately, Hawks reverted to the good guys, but he could be an insider. Will there be some hoaxes in season 4?

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