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Happiest Season 2: What’s The Release Date? Is A Sequel Planned?

Happiest Season is a beautiful Christmas story about a lesbian couple, Abby and Harper. Although the latter invites his girlfriend to spend the holidays with his conservative family. She mentions that she did not go out with her family, only at the last minute. This ends up causing a breakdown in their relationship, but they try to figure things out.

This light but relevant film explores the subtleties and difficulties that members of the LGBTQ community tend to face during the holiday season. And how social conditioning is woven into the very fabric of interpersonal relationships. Will Happiest Season have a sequel? This is what we know.

What Is The Release Date Of Happiest Season 2?

Happiest Season was released internationally on November 26, 2020 by Sony Pictures and Entertainment One. It will be available on VOD on December 21.

As the plot deals with fairly relevant social issues through the lens of a romantic comedy. It has been widely acclaimed by critics around the world. So it would make sense to make a sequel to Happiest Season in which the directors explore other aspects of Abby, Harper, and John’s individual personalities and their interpersonal dynamics. Although there is still no news of such a project, if it was validated. We can expect the Happiest Season 2 release date to be set for Christmas 2023.

What Can We Expect From The Happiest Season Sequel?

Abby and Harper love each other very much. They even share a wonderful Christmas season visiting a well decorated neighborhood. They abandon themselves to the heat of the moment and invite Abby to spend Christmas with her parents. But here’s the problem: Harper’s father is a politician. And for that reason, public image is very important. It is also the reason why Harper has not come forward with her family.

So Abby has to play the role of “that orphan friend.” While Harper pretends to be direct in front of everyone. As the film progresses, both women are unable to adjust to their surroundings. And slowly but surely, their relationship begins to suffer. The arguments and verbal altercations are what, surprisingly, give the protagonists their happy endings.

As for the Happiest Season sequel. We think it would be nice for the story to focus on John’s story. In that way, the film would continue to champion the cause of LGBTQ people. Also, at one point in Happiest Season it is mentioned that his father kicked him out of the house and did not speak to him for many years. If the plot focused on the trials and tribulations John was facing then. It would help educate many other people. Also, it would be interesting to see what makes John, well… John.

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