Ava 2 Netflix: Is An Ava Sequel Possible? What Is The Release Date?

Ava is available on Netflix! If you have any questions about Ava’s sequel on Netflix, we’ll tell you all about it! Directed by Tate Taylor, Ava touches everything. Alcohol and drug abuse, gambling, hit men, dysfunctional families, dead adoptive parent figures, revenge. And yet the parts add up to absolutely nothing.

An opening cut sequence introduces us to Ava, an exceptionally talented teenager whose addiction to alcohol and drugs leads her to drift until she enlists in the military to overcome it. It then becomes part of a clandestine “organization” that “eliminates” influential white-collar workers.

Ava is a tough Bostonian and a former Army recruit. She was a drug addict and an alcoholic. Today, Ava is the best assassin working for Duke, who is aware of her past and the risks it carries. But he has a soft spot for her as a parent. Besides Duke, the only other person we know in the vague black ops organization is Simon, who was a disciple of Duke before Ava

Despite these obvious strengths, it’s hard to recommend Ava as a whole. The action scenes are usually flat, and the character of the upper-class assassin of Chastain. Together with her family and colleagues, they are overwhelmed by so many dramatic stories that the entire exercise begins to look more than slightly ridiculous even before the end of the first act. It’s too bad, because Chastain, in Zero Darkness Thirty mode, is kicking the butt of the best of them. In fact, with a better setting, this could have been the beginning of a Bourne-type female franchise. Now what do we know about a potential Ava 2 on Netflix?

What Is The Ava 2 Release Date On Netflix?

As of yet, no press release has been issued regarding the follow-up to Ava. Had the movie been originally created with the potential for a sequel and franchise. The recent reviews and ratings would surely be a big brake on an Ava 2 release on Netflix. Currently, Ava 2 appears to be committed for the sequel though. If Universal wishes to announce an Ava sequel in the future, Ava 2’s release date could be set at the end of 2022 at the latest.

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