Outside The Wire: Netflix Movie Ending Explanation!

Outside The Wire is available on Netflix! If you want to know the explanation of the end of the movie, keep reading! When the MCU reintroduced him as the rightful star of the action. Anthony Mackie had already established himself as a versatile actor playing a wide range of roles. Even then, it was pretty clear that this young man from New Orleans had enough charisma to carry an entire movie by himself.

In Director Mikael Håfström’s Outside The Wire, Mackie plays the role of an android military captain. The first of his kind, he hunts down an infamous terrorist named Victor Koval on the battlefields of the Balkans. Outside The Wire promotes nasty anti-war messages. Dealing with ideas that are not particularly prevalent in Hollywood mindless military action movies.


The story takes place in 2036. The greatest conflict of the time appears to be taking place in Eastern Europe. Where Koval’s forces are in absolute control. The American army has been sent there as peacekeepers. Realizing they needed more firepower to deal with Koval’s growing influence, the US government deployed robotic soldiers, also called Gumps, in the heavily militarized area.

Lieutenant Thomas Harp is a drone pilot operating out of a US Air Force base in Nevada. One day, while the Marines are actively engaged in a battle with the local insurgents, Harp disobeys direct orders from his commanding officer to fire a Hellfire missile at a target. While he kills all the insurgents and saves the lives of 38 Marines, two 19-year-old Marines are killed in the explosion.

Believing that Harp must experience the war for himself, the army sends him to Eastern Europe. Harp is under the command of Leo, a captain who regularly ventures into the militarized zone to gather information on Koval. It is revealed that Leo is not a human, but a next-generation soldier, fully autonomous in the field of biotechnology.

Leo talks to Harp about Koval and his search for the Russian nuclear arsenal that is still present in countries that were previously under the control of the Soviet Union. Leo also tells the young soldier that he chose Harp to work with because of his ability to make tough decisions.

Completely ill-equipped to survive on an active battlefield, Harp almost blindly follows Leo from one danger to another. And when Leo saves his life for what seems like the umpteenth time, Harp begins to respect and trust the cyborg. So Harp doesn’t ask many questions when Leo asks him to remove what he says is a tracking device from inside Leo’s body that would otherwise give the enemy its location.

It’s actually a fail-safe device, inserted into it as the last line of control in case it turns against the creators of it. Now free in every sense of the word, Leo embarks on the execution of his master plan: a nuclear attack on the American continent.

Explanation Of The End Of Outside The Wire On Netflix

In a movie packed with high-impact hand-to-hand combat and shooting sequences. Morality has a surprising mastery of storytelling. Harp makes the logical decision to sacrifice two Marines to save the lives of the other 38. From the beginning, there is an innate arrogance in Harp, often found in people who are extremely good at his job. It wasn’t until he arrived in the Balkans and met the Marines whose comrades he killed that he finally began to understand the true ramifications of his actions.

This is even more evident when he visits the orphanage run by the resistance. And that he sees dozens of boys and girls there and realizes that his current destiny is the fruit of his work and that of people like him. Leo tells Harp many lies, but one thing he tells him is true. Leo chose Harp for his almost human ability to dispassionately discern the cost and benefit of any action. He knew that with the proper provocation, he could make Harp ignore the rules and orders of his other superiors.

And that’s exactly what he did. After Harp saw what Koval did in the area, he became Leo’s greedy accomplice. Only when he explicitly learns that Leo does not wish to carry the nuclear codes he acquired from the insurgents to the US military does Harp begin to understand Leo’s true motives. As for Leo, he tricks Koval and the resistance by working with both of them to obtain the codes. He spares Harp’s life and tells him to go home before going to Koval’s makeshift headquarters.

Leo then kills Koval and all of his men and sets out to execute the final phase of his plan. Koval’s men and the resistance can be hated. But both factions or

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