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Explanation Of The End Of All My Friends Are Dead On Netflix

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All My Friends Are Dead is available on Netflix! If you want to know the explanation of the ending, keep reading! All My Friends Are Dead from Netflix is ​​a Polish horror-comedy about young idiots doing stupid things out of control on a fateful New Years’ Eve. It’s classy, ​​but the style alone doesn’t make a movie worth watching. It’s bold, but boldness alone doesn’t make a movie. And it’s hot, but hot alone doesn’t make a movie. It is gory, but gory alone is not. If all those elements are there, then hooray, but if they aren’t, well, no time for love, Dr. Jones.


January 1st. Rookie detective waiting outside the crime scene. He will put on the rubber gloves and show his badge to the vet, who will show him the scene. His smile will not last, as his mouth will stop turning corners and will open wide to release vomit. A woman who mutters crazy is carried on a stretcher, and she is the lucky one. The place is littered with corpses, one of them hanging from a knot of Christmas lights. Others have bullets between their eyes. Blood everywhere. The older detective has seen it all before. He sees a dead woman with a nice necklace and takes it off. His wife will like it, he says.

The previous day. All those corpses we saw? Now they are alive. What can happen in films that dispense with a linear narrative? We meet some of the participants: A cute couple. He is in love, but she is disgusted by her inability to satisfy her sexual desires, you know what I mean. Another cute couple. He’s obsessed with her budding rapper role, so she feels underrated, but keeps making pesky astrological comments to him. A very pretty third couple. She is the oldest of hers for almost 20 years, and he is jealous because she does not want to commit.

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A very cute fourth couple. Two men-boys-bedroom who try to score points with the girl but fail miserably. A cute fifth couple. Two sexually aggressive women with cleavage and stilettos act like they share a single brain cell.

And then there’s the gun, a 9mm with gold highlights. First is the key that unlocked the briefcase containing the gun that fired the bullet that killed a man and turned a night of innocent sexy lust into a night of deadly blood. The way it happens is ridiculous. But this is just the tip of the iceberg for this movie, which slowly unfolds at a ridiculous speed and climaxes with lunatic action set to a Motley Crue soundtrack. And you know the cardinal rule of movies, once you listen to Motley Crue, it means things have gotten very, very real.

Explanation Of The End Of All My Friends Are Dead On Netflix

At the end of All My Friends Are Dead, the party goes into battle mode, with all the characters parading in the glory of hell as it all begins. Many die, while those who survive are extremely traumatized. All my Friends Are Dead brings an escalation of violence that you can enjoy. Stimulate audiences with sex and gore to please slasher fans. But surprisingly, the end of Tous Mes Amis sont morts was not brutal, but something completely different.

At the end of All my friends are dead, investigators leave the house. And suddenly, the scene merges with a brighter interior. When the camera moves to the main room, our characters are dressed in white and enjoying a wedding. All of the characters appear relaxed and happy and seem to make friends, civilized, and caring decisions, just the opposite of a New Year’s Eve party. It is a mature event, and the wedding turns into a sweet after-party.

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One of the leading theories is that it could be the afterlife, with the characters revisiting the moment when all hell has been unleashed, and it’s a heavenly reimagining of everyone who gets together. But as the scene progresses, one of the characters blatantly mentions an alternate universe. She wondered what it would be like to be married in a different world. It could also be an alternate timeline. Where the end of the year party would have gone well, without violence, and the result would have been a beautiful wedding.

The end of All My Friends Are Dead on Netflix leaves a lot of room for the viewer’s imagination. I guess it was deliberately left so that we could draw our conclusion.

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