Ethical Hacking Course Benefits

One of the rapidly developing fields in the IT industry requirement of ethical hackers increases rapidly due to the growth of cyber threats. Every firm that works online needs an ethical hacker to monitor the threats that will compromise the organization. Even banking and individual financial sectors employ ethical hackers to monitor the threats for their organization and hire ethical hacking penetration testers to evaluate the vulnerabilities in their network and apps. Hence ethical hacking becomes a more demanding entity in the IT industry. In this article, we are going to discuss the need and benefits of the Ethical hacking course. best ethical hacking institute in Coimbatore since they fulfill the requirements of Ethical Hacking training.

Who is an Ethical Hacker What are his duties?

An ethical hacker is a hardcore programmer who works with the permission of a domain owner and attacks the domain to find and report the vulnerabilities of the domain to the domain owner which helps them to patch the vulnerabilities in their domain.

The Ethical Hacker spots out the vulnerabilities in the network, server, and other related security issues in the internet-based network by attacking the network constantly. Will help to patch the online security issues of the organization.

The detailed Study of Below Subjects Required to Become an Ethical Hacker

  • Hardware devices 
  • Networking devices
  • Server Concepts
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Wi-Fi Devices
  • IoT devices
  • Cryptography
  • Firewalls 
  • Cloud Computing

 By having a minimum of two years of IT experience and clear knowledge about TCP/IP you can step into an Ethical hacking course. In your IT experience, you must have must experience in the above subjects and clear knowledge of vulnerabilities that you had patched in the system working environment.

Hardware Devices

The basics of each system are the main and ultimate knowledge i.e., the foundation of ethical hacking course if you can identify the system resources you might spot the vulnerabilities of the system easily and you can secure the system from attackers.

Networking Devices

The basic networking ideas are important and you must be aware of wired and wireless networks and the devices used in the network to interconnect the systems from basic switch Lan connector to advanced Cisco network devices configuration and installation is pretty much important for an able ethical hacker. The network may be wired or wireless the hacker will be able to breach it if there is any vulnerability in the network.

Server Concepts

Nowadays most of the systems work on the cloud but the server and client concept is the basic entity of understanding the relationship between a client machine and server machine. If there is a breach in the client machine it might be able to bring down the host machine easily. Understanding both windows and Linux servers is important to becoming an ethical hacker.

Social Media Monitoring

 Social media becomes the ultimate weapon for all sorts of issues around us you may use social media for the betterment of life or it is even possible to degrade an individual’s life or reputation of an organization. Social media knowledge is a must for an ethical hacker for footprinting and reconnaissance skills which is necessary to track a victim or an accused in a crime. An Individual who is more vulnerable in social media awareness is a great and must knowledge for an Ethical hacker.  

Wi-Fi Devices

Wi-Fi is the commonly used networking device and nowadays it is commonly used for data transfer also by using third-party apps. Public Wi-Fi might be a data stealer for a black hat hacker so the well-versed Ethical hacker must be capable of patching the vulnerabilities in a Wi-Fi device and its based network. The range and frequency of networking devices and password management of the network device are classified as the work of penetration tester.

IoT Devices 

The internet of things is the new evolving concept since from last decade it has been a part of human life to connect the different devices in a single user console using the internet since it is just been under research for a decade more advancements made in the entire classification and configuration of the devices since different devices are connected the ethical hacker must be able to progress with the advancements and must aware of threats based on the IoT devices.


Cryptography techniques are essential for an ethical hacker to transfer the data in an encrypted manner and to decode the encrypted data’s to track the messages which may be a threat it is commonly used in military intelligence or named be threat intelligence.


Firewalls are classified as hardware and software firewalls an ethical hacker must have the necessary knowledge to breach a firewall and attack the network to spot out the vulnerabilities hence this kind of testing by an ethical hacker helps the organization to avoid threats from a black hat hacker

Cloud Computing

Every organization and individual uses cloud storage for their ease of data access a black hat hacker will always look for data which is money these days and even most of the black hat hackers are capable of compromising the cloud security and stealing data hence an ethical hacker will be capable to stop the black hat hacker to secure the data in the cloud and keep the organization secure for a trouble-free run of business.

Studying ethical hacking course with the above-mentioned skills makes you a master to secure the society from illegal hackers which you will also get paid more than an average programmer. ethical hacking course in trichy which assures a job in the field of cyber security. 


Ethical hacking is the art of securing an organization from the threats of external sources which makes the working environment safe and secure an ethical hacker is a cyber warrior who works for the betterment of the online community.

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