Ethics and Guidelines For Yoga Teachers

Teachers stand on an important pedestal, when it comes to yoga. They are more than just a transmitter of knowledge. The teacher is the ‘Guru’, per se. Teachers are responsible to guide you on the path to enlightenment. You must be thinking, that being a yoga teacher, is just like teaching other subjects. Bur, actually it is not. The Yoga Teacher Training in India follows a systematic process, when it comes to the maintenance of ethics and codes.

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200 Hour Yoga TTC In Rishikesh Teachers

When students from all across the globe reach the yoga school at Rishikesh, they have myriad expectations. You as a teacher have to follow, what you preach. That is the basic essence of being a yoga teacher. Your actions will speak louder than your words. The 200 Hour Yoga TTC In Rishikesh is often the first introductory session, a student of yoga has after his or her academic life. Some even join in their middle-ages. So, you have to ensure that you create an example in front of the student.

Additionally, you should follow the noble path of life, according to the texts that you read. Most highly successful teachers follow the pathway. You are responsible for successfully promoting all the values of yoga. Imagine yourself in the position of the yoga student. How would you like your teacher to be? A friend, a guide, or a philosopher are the most common answers that you will get. If any of your students struggle while doing any pose or asana, do not get angry, but try to facilitate the trainee. That brings you to the job of a facilitator.

Criticize the student in a fair manner. That is something, you must do, to gain the student’s confidence and also give him or her confidence. There are teachers who will point outright, if a student makes a mistake, in front of the full class. That is something, a learned teacher would avoid at all costs. You should refrain from smiling or laughing, for that matter, if the student happens to make a funny mistake. It can lead to huge embarrassment for the student. You should gently correct the student or help him or her to solve the situation.

Respecting the Code of Conduct As a Part of the Course

As a part of the 200 Hour Yoga TTC In Rishikesh, you must respect the personal space of the student. Yoga is a subject, which may require some amount of body contact. Yoga ethics demand, that you be truthful to your profession. A teacher must be understanding, patient, and inspiring. These are the biggest qualities, that you can bring forward. When you enrol for the course yourself, as beginner, you will be trained. Teaching pedagogy plays a very important role as a part of the 200-hr yoga ttc.

Amazingly, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras enlist many such guidelines. You will be learning those in the course. The ethics of yoga according to the sage can be described as below:

  • In the Yoga Teacher Training in India, you will learn about all the ethics, that the sage laid down for his followers. Meditation is an important activity for teachers, so you need to follow it without fail. Only meditation and knowledge together can banish ignorance.
  • Non-violence is an important practice as a practitioner of yoga. You have to learn to be at peace, not only with others, but also with yourself.
  • Truthfulness is another quality or shall we say virtue, that all the learned men had. In today’s times, you have to be honest to yourself.
  • Righteousness is another quality of a yogi. The yogi always seeks fair trade. There is no room for falsity in any of his transactions.
  • Wisdom is another quality of a yogi. If you live in the spiritual realm, you can develop a certain consciousness that others will envy. Always remind yourself about the spiritual goal, that you have set out to achieve.
  • Sacrificing the ego is also important. Every yogi, no matter if he is teaching or not should do this. Always follow the inner wisdom, and find happiness.

These are ethics and codes, that you must follow. Let your students develop the same prowess today.

In your career, as a yoga teacher, you must always listen to what your guru imbibed in you. It will make things easy for you, if you happen to go off track. Most yoga courses start with the morning chanting, that brings peace to the mind. So, you must do that as well, without fail. The path of the teacher, is what the student follows. The Yoga Teacher Training in India covers all these aspects and ethics codes.

You can learn from the best teachers, from Samadhi Yoga Ashram. The teachers who teach at the ashram, have been following the above codes and ethics for a long time now. The role of the teacher, as a friend, a guide, and a facilitator are immense. So, you have to keep that in mind, when you start your career. If you have joined the course, midway after leaving a corporate career, these become even more important. There is a total change in lifestyle. So, you must try to adopt the ethics and principles of Yoga, in completion.

If you want authentic and unadulterated training in Rishikesh, then you must enroll for the 200 Hour Yoga TTC In Rishikesh. Apart from the asanas, you will also learn about the various mudras, bandhas, kriyas, and pranayama. Pranayama is one of the main practices, without which the yoga discipline is incomplete. You can nurture yourself and the others, by closely following what you learnt in yoga school, and imbibe the same things in your students. That is why, you must look at the background of the yoga school, apart from the accreditation. Most yoga schools would have Yoga Alliance certification. So, another deciding factor is the background check. The tenure for which the school is teaching subjects, is very important. You should make yoga a part of your very existence.

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