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Euphoria Season 2, Episode 1 Online: What Happened To Rue And Jules At The Station?

The character that gave the actress an Emmy returns. Fans want to know what will happen to Rue and her relationship with Jules after they split in season 1.

Euphoria 2, chapter 1 ONLINE | One of HBO’s most popular series is back. The fiction starring Zendaya, Euphoria returns with its season 2 to the liking of viewers.

With fans wanting to know what the future holds for Rue, the channel has already announced when we will see the new episodes.

What Happened To Rue And Jules At The Premiere?

Trouble don’t last always is the name of Euphoria 2×1, a chapter that brings back the production that caused a lot of talk in 2019. With Rue as the narrator, the young woman reveals that she survived an overdose and that in the middle of her fight against addiction meets Jules (Hunter Schafer), a trans girl with whom he falls in love.

Set on Christmas night, the fiction shows Rue and Ali (Colman Domingo), the ex-addict the teenager met together. In a thoughtful conversation, the two talk about addictions, depression, anxiety, dependency, and life itself.

When Will Euphoria 2 Premiere?

The production of the second part of the fiction was scheduled to be recorded in March 2020 but was stopped due to the coronavirus pandemic. By July of this year, HBO mentioned that his story would return to the production set.

With the chapters done, Euphoria season 2 will hit HBO on Sunday, December 6 at 9:00 p.m.In the case of HBO Max, fans who have hired the service can already see the first episode.

What Will We See In Euphoria Season 2?

The plot begins with Rue, who abandoned Jules at the train station, in a relapse in the middle of the Christmas celebration. Followers speculated on his death, but this beginning says otherwise.

The installment titled Troubles Don’t Last Forever is focused on the character played by Zendaya , so the second episode is expected to be just for Jules (Hunter Schafer), telling his story separately.

From just 8 episodes in its first season, Euphoria has become one of the television revelations of the moment. In the series, Zendaya plays a teenage girl with addiction problems who lives in a small American town where most of the neighbors hide intimate and tragic secrets.

For her work in fiction, the interpreter won the Emmy for Best Actress in 2020.

What Does The End Of Euphoria Mean?

She lets her know that Jules will end up abandoning her, that in ten years she will not even remember her name, that in the face of her friend’s promising future, she will never be able to get out of her spiral of self-destruction, becoming a drug addict with no future.

What About Fez In Euphoria?

The Fez story ended on a cliffhanger, with Mouse angry at him for being late with the money to pay for the drugs he had to throw away after the raid on his house.

The Impromptu Scene That Scared The Cast

One of Zendaya’s scenes was when “Rue” had a fight with her mother, which was improvised and they attacked each other, it was so realistic that some of the staff got scared and left the set

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