Exante reviews 2022 on account types, protection, features

Those, who use its functions, will tell about the trading platform better than anyone else. The Exante reviewsante terminal is liked by traders for many reasons, including the fact that it provides a convenient regulatory policy, and registered users get access to major world markets, a voluminous financial catalog, and other privileges in the form of a multicurrency account.

A little more about accounts and their functions

A demo account is intended for studying the trading platform interface, getting acquainted with its functions, entering into transactions, paying for them with virtual euros. From the profitability point of view it is not as good as a multi-account, but customers can decide in advance if they are ready to take a risk or if they would rather refuse this type of trades. Every client who registers for an account is offered to open a demo account but does not necessarily have to do so. On the other hand, having investigated the website one can conclude that it will not be superfluous. Moreover, you do not need to worry even about virtual credits – the balance will not be empty, because you can always find the necessary amount in the account settings.

A multi-account was created for a completely different purpose. That is why it successfully combines everything that a professional investor who is not used to working with just one currency and does not want to waste time on constant account changes may need. Auto-Conversion takes care of everything and makes it convenient for you. It enables fast and up-to-date exchange rates. Sufficient number of currencies for work and replenishment is already connected to the account, but even if you need to perform replenishment in the one that is not on the list – it is not a problem, you just need to ask for help from the support service.

Why the terminal is so convenient to work with

The platform has a lot of advantages, but the most impressive for investors are the financial catalog, the blockchain module, and the availability of a mobile application. The catalogue has several features:

  • already contains over 300,000 instruments;
  • each registered user is allowed to add positions;
  • in the instrument settings the data on margin requirements are given!

By the way, due to the lack of funds in the account does not have to refuse to conduct the transaction, the securities may well serve as a guarantor of the transaction. Since the company complies with all the principles of the European Union Directive on the financial markets, as its customers know, they are provided with reliable protection of accounts and information, all transactions are carried out completely transparently, the proper conditions for a comfortable trade. In particular, access to the world stock exchanges for finding the best value is provided, the catalogue is expanded, and minimum commissions are charged.

If we touch upon the block module, it was created to customize the visual display of the platform at the client’s discretion. And the mobile app makes the work easier and faster, as you can work from the gadget almost anywhere.Read the news about “Broker EXANTE donates $1000000 to support children in Ukraine”.

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