Features of Spectrum TV Silver

There are thousands of TV channel brands to choose. However, Charter communications have come up with the best offer. Charter Communications, under its brand name Spectrum, offers home phones, internet and TV services to millions of customers across all the states of the US as reported by TV Notch. Currently, Spectrum holds a figure of 28 million customers all over the nation.

The television series under Charter Communications is referred to as Spectrum TV. It has many different packages for the customer’s choice. A few of these bundle packages are also available with the internet as well as phone services. If your budget is moderate to low, then you should go for Spectrum TV Silver. It has the maximum benefits at a very affordable price.

Features of Spectrum TV Silver:

  • The prices of Spectrum TV Silver is pretty standard and can easily fit in your budget. It only costs $74.99 every month. 
  • The subscription method is straightforward.
  • They offer amazing video quality.
  • You can either remove or add any channel according to your needs.
  • Their customer service is superb.
  • They offer free HD to their customers.
  • They have the availability of hundreds of titles on your demand.
  • They give you free access to the TV app, which is referred to as the Spectrum TV app.
  • They also have the availability of DVR services.
  • Spectrum TV is one of the best service providers for television and has a variety of price ranges which will easily be able to fit in your budget.

Spectrum TV Silver

As I mentioned before, if you have a set budget, Spectrum TV Silver will easily fit in your budget without burning a hole in your pocket. When you return home after a tiring and hard day at the office, you want to relax, unwind and watch some TV. Spectrum TV Silver has everything you will ever need. It may be the basic package amongst all the Spectrum channel packages, but Spectrum TV Silver provides you with a plethora of over 175 channels. It does not matter whether your preference lies towards sports, news, documentaries or movies. Spectrum TV Silver has everything that you may ever want. Spectrum TV Silver offers their users channels like the USA, The History Channel, TNT, ESPN, Kids channels, et cetera.

If you are a sports-loving person

If you are a fan of sports, Spectrum TV has Motor trend, SEC extra, SEC Network, ESPN1 and two, A CCN, NBC sports network, Fox sports one, and many more. Spectrum TV Silver also has the option of providing you with sports channels based on your region so that you can watch the local sports as well.

For your kids

If you are looking for a channel-specific to kids, Spectrum TV has you covered. It is not a very good idea to use your TV as your babysitter. But, in the current times, TV can not only be your babysitter, but it can educate your kids as well. Your child will not only stay invigorated and engaged, he or she will also learn a lot while being entertained.

Spectrum TV also has a huge variety of kids and education channels for youngsters like TV land, Nickelodeon, Science, PBS Kids, PBS, Cartoon Network, Universal kids, Disney Channel, history, Nat Geo, Discovery Channel et cetera.

For those who love to watch movies

If you love to get lost in the fantasy of movies, Spectrum TV has Hallmark movies and mysteries, Lifetime Channel, Hallmark Channel and many more movie channels for you.

For the people who love to stay updated with the latest news

If you are a person who is very news oriented and prefers to stay up-to-date with all the latest happenings around the world, Spectrum TV has channels like Fox News, CNN, CBS etc. Spectrum TV Silver has more news channels to offer you than you will ever need.

If history is your favorite

If you are a lover of history and the past, you should opt for Spectrum TV Silver. Spectrum TV Silver has a History Channel, Investigation Discovery and many other history-related channels to offer you.

Why should you choose Spectrum TV Silver along with the Internet bundle packages?

Spectrum TV Silver also comes with bundled packages. In the bundle packages, you can have your TV package, a phone package as well as your monthly Internet package. There are many perks if you opt for the Spectrum TV Silver along with Internet bundle packages like:

  • Availability of unlimited data
  • Free HD
  • Stream live TV
  • 200 MBPS download speed
  • Free antivirus software
  • Free Internet modem
  • Availability of nationwide and long-distance phone calls.

If you choose to opt for Spectrum TV Silver along with the monthly Internet packages, you will get the best of both worlds. Currently, with work from home type jobs increasing, Spectrum is the perfect option.

Christopher Stern

Christopher Stern is a Washington-based reporter. Chris spent many years covering tech policy as a business reporter for renowned publications. He has extensive experience covering Congress, the Federal Communications Commission, and the Federal Trade Commissions. He is a graduate of Middlebury College. Email:[email protected]

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