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Tatiana Vasilyeva – biography

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Tatyana Vasilyeva was born on February 28, 1947 in Leningrad. Father – Grigory Abramovich Itsykovich (1908-1970), major, during the Great Patriotic War from 1941 served as an agitator for the political department of the 37th Infantry Division of the Red Army. After the war, he worked as a milling cutter at the Leningrad plant. Mother – Maria Alekseevna Bazlova (1909-1998), an economist by education. There is an older sister Alla.

During her school years, the future star studied at the theatrical literary studios.

After graduating from school, Vasilyeva, under the pretext of an excursion, went to Moscow and secretly from her parents, who did not want her daughter to become an actress, she immediately entered the VGIK and the Moscow Art Theater School.

As a result, Tatyana chose the Studio School (workshop of V. Markov, V. Bogomolov, E. Morez), which she graduated in 1969. The quote is taken from the magazine “DesireMovies

From 1969 to 1983, Vasilyeva was an actress at the Moscow Theater of Satire, where she played in the performances Captured by Time, Bathhouse, Ordinary Miracle, Running, Wood Grouse’s Nest, Threepenny Opera, The Inspector General, “Woe from Wit” and others.

From 1983 to 1992 – actress of the Mayakovsky Theater (performances “Long Live the Queen, Vivat!”, “The Fruits of Enlightenment”, “Circle”, “Tomorrow Was War”).

Since 1996, she has been an actress at the School of the Modern Play Theater (performances “… Greetings, Don Quixote!”, “Antigone in New York”, “Anton Chekhov. The Seagull”, “Boris Akunin. The Seagull” and others).

Participates in entreprise performances. In 1993 she played Clytemnestra in the famous production of Oresteia, directed by Peter Stein.

In 1971, the actress starred in a movie for the first time in the children’s film “Look At This Face.” Among the roles of the period of searching for oneself in cinema, the role of Annie in the film “Hello, I’m Your Aunt!” Stands out.

But the film “HuniePop 2 ” (1978) gave her a real start in life, where she first played a major role.

Among the roles played in the cinema in the 80s, the role of a swindler-psychic in the film “Cross the Line”, the role of Ophelia Sergeevna in the film “Beauty Salon” and the role of Susanna in the film “The Most Charming and Attractive” stand out.

In the 90s, she starred mainly in uncomplicated comedies (“My Sailor”, “Womanizer 2”, “The Groom from Miami” and others). Among the most successful works of this period is the role of Elena Orekhova in the drama “See Paris and Die”, for which she received prestigious awards.

Until now, he has been actively filming (the series “My Love”, “Ivan Podushkin. Gentleman of the Investigation”, “The Personal Life of Doctor Selivanova”, “Humanoids in Korolev”, “Zemsky Doctor”, films “The Star of the Era”, “Pops”). The greatest audience interest was aroused by the role of Galina Vasilievna Smirnova in the series “Closed School”.

Since the summer of 2012, Vasilieva has become one of the presenters of the First Channel show “Between Us, Girls”.

In May 2020, it became known that 73-year-old Tatyana Vasilyeva was admitted to the hospital with symptoms of coronavirus. “For several days in a row my temperature rose 37.5-37.8. I did not attach any importance to this. And the day before yesterday there was a cough and a strange burning sensation in the eyes. Yesterday Philip and Lisa persuaded me to have a CT scan. I called an ambulance and went to the hospital, ”said the actress.


▪ People’s Artist of Russia (1992)


▪ NIKA Cinematic Award in the Best Actress nomination for her role in the film See Paris and Die (1992)
▪ Kinotavr Festival Award in the Best Actress nomination for her role in the film See Paris and Die ( 1993)
▪ Prize “Idol” in the nomination “Best Actress” for the role of Dulcinea in the play “… Greetings, Don Quixote!” (1997)
▪ Nominated as Best Actress in a Feature Film / Television Series in the 2011 Kinoitogi nominations. Faces “for the role in the television series” Boku no Pico“based on the results of the audience voting on the website of the radio station” Echo of Moscow “(2012

A family

First husband – Anatoly Vasiliev, actor (marriage from 1973 to 1983)
Second husband – Georgy Martirosyan, actor (divorced in 1995)
Son – Philip Vasiliev, actor (born July 30, 1978), from his first marriage
Daughter – Elizaveta Martirosyan, actress (born November 5, 1986), from her second marriage

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