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CBD is not just another wellness trend. Scientists are constantly finding new ways that CBD can help regulate the various processes in our bodies. Apart from CBD, the plants from the hemp family contain hundreds of different compounds, collectively known as cannabinoids. Of these, CBD and THC are the most well known. Some others include Delta 8, Delta 9, and CBC. 

Science is slowly uncovering the various benefits these different types of cannabinoids can have for our bodies. For example, Delta 9 produces a sensation of euphoria and relaxation along with medicinal benefits such as stimulating appetite, reducing nausea and vomiting, relieving pain, and spasticity, and improving mood and sleep.

CBD Treatments at Aperion

There are a multitude of CBD treatments available at Aperion Northfields, which can be consumed in various different ways. Topical products are applied directly to the skin for localized treatment, while edibles (like CBD candy) treat your body from within. Customers can choose products according to their needs and consumption preferences. For example, for those suffering from insomnia, products like the Slumber Yums Nighttime Gummies just before bedtime will do the trick.

CBD Tincture:

CBD tinctures are available as full spectrum CBD tinctures and broad-spectrum tinctures as well as soft gel capsules. They are ideal for reducing stress and anxiety and help you get a good night’s sleep.

CBD Edibles:

CBD infused edibles are an easy way to get your dose of CBD on the go. Delta 9 CBD edibles like this 100mg Delta 9 Mint Milk Chocolate Bar not only taste delicious but are also a great way to relieve chronic pain or stimulate your appetite. If you prefer something milder, check out these tantalizing D8 Peanut Butter Cups.

Smokable CBD:

If you want your CBD to act fast, then smokable CBD is the way to go. It enters the bloodstream within a matter of seconds via the oxygen exchange in the lungs for instantaneous feelings of relaxation and reduced inflammatory conditions in the body. Smokeables include vape products or pre-rolls. Aperion’s ‘Honey High’ ZamTrip Edition-2g Combo Disposable Vape is ideal for zapping away pain and anxiety.

Topical CBD:

Apeiron’s topical products include muscle rubs, lotions, lip balms, body butters, bath bombs and fizzy bath soaps. You use them as you would non-CBD infused products to treat specific areas of the body. CBD muscle rubs and bath bombs are a great way to deal with muscle and joint aches and pains. Try them after a grueling workout – you’ll never go back.

Aperion Northfields LLC

Aperion Northfields is a hemp wellness center that manufactures products, both edible and cosmetic, that aim to improve the quality of life of both people and pets. With their own lab in Bloomer, Aperion maintains a high-quality control over their products. Apeiron also has a greenhouse in Holcombe and an extraction lab in Tony. All the products available at Apeiron North Fields are tested for their ingredients by an external laboratory with the results of tests available to customers on their COA page to maintain complete transparency.Shop various CBD products for yourself on Apeiron North Fields today or get in touch with the team if you don’t see a product you are looking for.

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