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First Tattoo: How to Find the Perfect Design

Choosing a great tattoo design is no easy task, especially if you do it for the first time. Of course, you can modify it, cover it up, and even remove it from your body after a while. However, you still want the option you choose to be successful. Together with professionals and fans of ink drawings from the blog, we tell you what rules you need to follow to make the right decision when looking for a tattoo design.

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Rule 1: Don’t Rush

Spontaneous decisions are sometimes very original and successful, but it is better to think it over carefully if you get a tattoo for the first time. The key to success is often a great visual experience. So take some time to familiarize yourself with popular trends, styles, and common compositions. You can find a drawing you like or just get insights and inspiration and create your own unique sketch based on them.

For the tattoo to be really worthwhile, you should understand why exactly you do it. Perhaps in this way, you want to preserve the memory of an important event or person, tell others about yourself, fix a key period of your life in a picture, create a “guardian talisman,” and so on. Of course, you can get a tattoo without a significant reason, but practice shows that you will like it more if there is some kind of story behind it.

Rule 2: Find an Artist

Choosing an artist with Choosing a Tattoo Artist in Dublin You need to approach it very responsibly. There is nothing awkward in consulting with several specialists, looking at their work, and only then deciding who exactly will do the drawing on your body. Perhaps you have a certain style in mind in which you would like to get a tattoo. Then you need an artist who works in this style.

In the tattoo environment, it is common to turn to specialists on the recommendation of friends or relatives. It is a great option compared to a “blind” choice, as you can ask your friends about personal experiences, find out how the master helped them take care of their healing tattoo, and see the finished result with your own eyes. Be sure to read the reviews of other users on the Internet if there are no people with tattoos in your environment. Search for tattoo shops near me and then find your best match. Pay attention to reviews online and go to the tattoo studio for a consultation and to check it out.

Rule 3: Choose a Place

Not every drawing will look great on some parts of your body. Quality design should take into account the features of the location. It is not superfluous to think about the possibility that under some circumstances, you will need to cover the drawing on the skin with clothes (for example, to comply with the office dress code). Sometimes a tattoo can become a great addition or accessory to your outfit, e.g., a cocktail dress.

You also need to choose a place based on your skin sensitivity. Experts call the following body parts the most painful:

  • feet;
  • lower legs;
  • laps;
  • stomach;
  • chest.

The upper thighs and shoulders are statistically the most painless. However, these parameters may differ depending on individual sensitivity.

Rule 4: Think Design

Now you can move on to the detailed planning of a sketch. Think about the things you would like to have tattooed and make a list. On your own or with a tattoo artist, choose some of them that will look good together, or leave only one item. As a rule, most drawings consist of three layers (in terms of composition):

  1. the basic element or character on which the primary attention is concentrated;
  2. secondary items with which the main object can interact;
  3. a background that sets off or vice versa emphasizes the whole picture.

After choosing the objects, an artist draws them in a style that suits you, considering the desired color and additional details. It is where the ideas, insights, and inspiration that you might have gleaned from the first step come in handy.

Rule 5: Give Yourself Time

Even if you like the resulting sketch, do not rush to get a tattoo right away. Take a few days to think things over carefully. You may want to change something in the drawing or add some details. Think also about how you will feel about this particular tattoo in the future. Of course, it can be difficult to predict such things as people tend to change, but it is still worth considering your potential thoughts on this matter. Experienced artists do not recommend getting inscriptions or drawings on the body with which you are unlikely to associate yourself in five or ten years. According to statistics, people most often want to get rid of the names of their lovers or partners with whom they broke up. If you are still not disappointed in the picked or created sketch after a few days or even weeks, you can safely get a tattoo.

Know All the Risks

There are several reasons why the choice of sketch and artist should be approached with all responsibility:

  • Some styles and pictures are going out of fashion. Also, attitudes towards them in society may change (or you may move to a country with a different culture years later).
  • Tattoos should be touched up regularly. The ink is washed out after some time, and in some body parts, it can happen faster. It is crucial not only to refresh the pictures on the skin but also to protect them from the sun with creams and moisturizers.
  • Removing a tattoo is more difficult than it might seem at first glance. It is a rather time-consuming, costly, and painful procedure, and it does not guarantee the complete disposal of ink under the skin.
  • A tattoo can be compared to surgical intervention. That is why it should be taken care of and handled right during the healing period. The ink may wash out very quickly or even become inflamed (due to allergies) on susceptible skin. The same effect is possible if you choose an untrustworthy artist.

Now it seems that literally everyone has tattoos, and few of these people are so careful in choosing a sketch and an artist, as described in this article. However, caution and thoughtfulness are always great strategies because you want to get a picture on the body that will not bother you the next day. We hope this article will help you choose the best design for your tattoo, which will be your talisman for years.

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