Ford Escape 2022 Recall :- Ford Recalls 2.9 Million Vehicles

This article will explain the details regarding Ford’s recall, including the type and issues that are found in vehicles equipped with Ford Escape2022 Recall.

Do you own a ford vehicle? Are there any issues with your Ford car? Ford has just announced the latest news. Which of the vehicles are being recalled? Who will receive mails about them? Are you able to find such information on the Internet? Have you ever found any relevant data while surfing the net? Have a look at these links if you haven’t.

Many vehicles are recalled by the United USA and very few are repaired. Ford Escape 2022 Recall.

Recalled vehicles

Ford will recall 2.9 Million vehicles that have been found to be shifting in the wrong gear, or moving in an undesirable direction. According to the National Highway Safety Administration there have been six reports of property damage and four reports of injuries. An issue may cause the Ford and SUV transmissions to not move in the Park position despite the shifter position telling the vehicle is in the Park. A damaged bushing may prevent the vehicle from shifting into the desired gear, and the car could end up moving in an unusual direction.

Ford Recalls 2.9 Million Vehicles

It may also roll if the driver selects “Park” as the position. Site contains separate lists of affected models, totalling 2,925,968 vehicles. Automaker sent its safety reports to regulators on June 10. The agency acknowledged receipt on Tuesday. Ford stated in its filing that six reports of property loss and four reports of injuries have been filed as a result. Ford wrote in its recall notice to federal regulators that even though the shifter indicates that it has been moved into park, the transmission might not have been in park. The driver doesn’t hear an audible message or warning.

Further details on Ford Escape 20022 Recall

Ford added one more point. Mails are due to be sent around June 27 for below-named owners. Nearly 18Lakh Escape and 1.5Lakh C-Max owners. 4.5 Lakh Fusion and Transit owners. 5Lakh Edge owners. Ford also announced that 48,924 2021-22 Mustang Mach E-E electric vehicles had been recalled because of possible power loss. Ford recalled the 2021 Bronco after a catastrophic failure of the engine. Last week, a group of Ford Expedition 2021 Lincoln Navigator owners filed a lawsuit to protect their vehicles from a possible fire risk. Ford Escape2022 Recall states thatthe problem can potentially affect 39.013 cars and does not have a fix. Up to 3.3.5Lakh SUVs have been recalls, including 39,013 due to engine problems in May.


Online sources indicate that Ford cars are being recalled. Very few have been modified to address the issues. The recall process is ongoing. Car owners will soon receive mail containing the details of the recall cars. Get more information on Ford Recall online.

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