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Ford is an automobile American-based multinational company that was founded by Henry Ford in June 1903. It has been working in the manufacturing industry ever since and produces more than 4 million vehicles every year. The company has maintained its reputation through safety, management, durability, and the use of modern technologies. It used modern technologies in the 1900s and it is using modern technologies now.

The Ford VIN is one such example. It is one of the modern ways to take information about your car or about the vehicle you are about to buy. It is a 17-digit code that enables you to identify the vehicles. The code is unique to every vehicle and it remains the same throughout the history of a vehicle. This code is used by manufacturers for identification purposes.

There are a lot of reasons why this code is used and some of them are the following;

  • To check Ford vehicle data before making a payment;
  • To verify the Ford vehicle history;
  • To determine the match parts and accessories of a Ford vehicle.
  • To check whether a Ford vehicle has been recalled or not.
  • To determine whether the Ford VIN provided by a dealer is fake, cloned, or original.

Is Ford VIN Decoder Free?

Ford VIN Decoder is one of the most unique and easy-to-use features. It is completely free of cost, however, it does not mean that the information provided by this decoder is lesser than some paid sites. All the information is accurate and thorough. Any Ford truck or passenger car can be identified by the 17-digit code. Detailed specifications as well as vehicle history can be found on this device by design, which makes it extremely useful for Ford car owners. 

This decoder has three sections and each section contains different information than the other. The three sections are World Manufacturer Identifier (WMI), Vehicle Descriptor Section (VDS), and Vehicle Identifier Section (VIS). The first three characters are WMI which describes the country of manufacture, car brand, and division. Similarly, the next 4 to 9 characters are VDS which describe the engine and transmission type, body style, etc. And from 10 to 17 characters are VIS which tells us the model year, assembly plant, and unique serial number.

How to Use Ford VIN Decoder?

As mentioned above, it is one of the most accessible codes to use. There are different places where you can search for the Ford VIN Decoder. These include,

  • At the base of the windshield;
  • In the doorjamb;
  • On the inside frame or jamb of the driver-side front door;
  • The dashboard near the base of the windscreen (driver’s side);
  • On a plate secured to an area on the chassis;
  • The transmission housing;
  • The left-center pillar.

Once you find the decoder, go and search on any search engine. You will have a data search icon. Enter your Ford VIN Decoder and hit the search data button. Just wait for a few seconds and you will have your Ford VIN decoder results. It will give you the report of the vehicle on which you can search for all the information.

The Features of Ford-VIN-Decoder

There are a lot of features of Ford-VIN-Decoder however, a few are given below.

Reports of vehicle theft

You can avoid buying a stolen car just by checking the VIN decoder and you will have all the history of the car. So before buying a vehicle, try to decode its VIN number in order to know more about its past history.

Accident history

It is quite easy to manipulate people by hiding the accident history of the vehicle by fixing it, however,  if you have the VIN decoder, the accident history would be easily available to you. Sellers often hide accident damage to inflate the vehicle’s value, you can avoid this by checking its past history through VIN.

More information

Each year, the Ford Company manufactures millions of different vehicles and you can check the history to know which one belongs to the Ford Company. Additionally, you can check if it had been refixed by the company or if it was the original version. Buying a used Ford with falsified mileage or hidden defects is more likely due to Ford’s huge popularity. It increases your chances of purchasing a good-condition Ford truck or car if you use a Ford VIN Decoder. Click here to get detailed information on Ford’s VIN.

What Makes Ford VIN Decoder So Popular?

A Ford VIN decoder can help you avoid buying a damaged or stolen vehicle if you are looking to buy a second-hand car. You should also check your Ford VIN number in order to find out what its history is.

Using the Ford VIN decoder, you will be able to learn such details as the production year, engine type, body type, engine specifications, and serial number. Therefore, you can see that it is simpler than most people think to use the Ford VIN decoder. 


A company’s name is more likely to be used for fraud the more popular it becomes. To prevent such things, Ford has come up with a 17-digit unique code that protects you against such accidents. Ford is a brand, and there are several frauds registered around the world involving its name.

By using this code, you are able to avoid buying cars that have been in accidents, stolen, had hidden defects, and are now in poor condition. It is important to ensure that the Ford VIN Decoder is present when purchasing a Ford vehicle.


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