Four children, a stunning figure, and top-ranking music charts: The inspiring story of a self-made singer from Russia

Independent, strong, and unbelievably talented, this pop singer from Russia has an army of fans, her picture on the pages of glossy magazines, and her songs filling the airwaves of popular radio stations. She did it herself – stepping into the unknown, rising from a provincial girl to the very top of the music industry. This is the story of Miraya Shark, who went from Maria Nedelkova from Moldavia to the famous Russian singer, equal to thousands of admirers. Her journey is an inspiring example of realising her creative, feminine, and maternal potential.

Miraya Shark spent her childhood in the small town of Tiraspol. If things had turned out differently, perhaps the girl would have become a world-famous champion. From an early age, she was seriously engaged in singing, playing the piano, and sports, namely athletics. In addition to musical concerts, Miraya participated in sports competitions and won prizes. At home, she had a whole corner with victory cups and medals. She even achieved a Candidate Master of Sport in athletics but left sports for music. Miraya first graduated from music school, and after moving with her parents to Odessa, she attended a higher music college, becoming a professional singer. Ambition and a desire to realise her potential kept the young Miraya from staying in the provincial town. The girl went to conquer Moscow, and even without connections or money, she fearlessly moved to the megalopolis alone.

In the Russian capital, Miraya attended various events, interviews, and castings to get into the professional crowd. Miraya not only found a circle of like-minded people but also literally snatched a lucky ticket from fate in the form of an invitation to become one of the soloists of a famous Russian pop band, “Propaganda.” Among hundreds of applicants, the casting director chose Miraya, and later, the producer approved her candidacy. The girl was helped by her inner self-confidence, bright appearance, the unusual timbre of her voice, and, of course, her great talent. So, just yesterday, unknown Miraya performed in front of millions of people in stadiums as part of a popular girl band, winning hearts and gathering her army of fans.

After gaining invaluable experience in a well-known professional music band, Miraya left the group. She always dreamed of developing her musical career as a solo artist. Gradually finding her performance style and shaping her stage persona, Miraya began to attract a larger audience of fans. Her repertoire included songs she composed and works of other authors.

“I experiment, but I never lie,” the singer said. – “That’s the main thing for me. I perform the songs as my soul demands at that moment – it doesn’t matter if it’s my own or another composer’s work; I have it in front of me. I think that is the freedom a true musician, an artist should have. You have to sing sincerely and only about what you are in love with.”

After only a few years of a solo career, Miraya Shark has become one of the most famous pop singers on the Russian stage. Although the artist was prophesied to fail without the group “Propaganda,” her career skyrocketed. Since childhood, Miraya was accustomed to working hard, not being afraid of difficulties, and not waiting for help. This habit of winning and becoming the best did not allow Miraya to stop at what she had achieved. She repeatedly topped the ratings of famous performers.

Miraya Shark has managed to perfectly combine her successful music career with her family life. “For me, the most important thing is my family, my home front. I have always wanted to have many children, and I have never had to choose between having a career and motherhood. I was sure that everything could be combined; I was not ready to sacrifice anything,” says the singer. However, having and raising four children is a challenging task. Motherhood opened up new facets of creativity, and love became a new source of inspiration. In 2016, Miraya won the “Most Stylish in Russia” nomination by Hello magazine. Another year later, the singer deservedly received an award in a special nomination from PeopleTalk magazine as part of the “Honest PeopleTalk Awards 2017.”

Looking at Miraya Shark now, it is hard to believe that she is a mother of four children. Her fans often ask her questions about her diet, which helps her stay in great shape. Miraya says, “I’m sure that everything in our life comes from the head and internal problems, including being overweight and diseases. Physically, I do not feel like a mother of four children, but rather their sister. And I interact with them the same way – as equals. I’m not a brooder. That’s probably why I do not look like one externally. Besides, I have had habits from childhood – I cannot live without sports; I exercise my body every day and stick to a balanced diet. I also love life, with all its challenges and surprises. I am grateful for everything that comes into my life, and the results are there.”

Miraya Shark’s immense talent, dizzying career, mind-blowing figure, big kind heart, and irrepressible energy make her an example to many. After giving birth to her fourth child, she presented the song “The Sunsets Are the Color of Fanta,” which instantly became a hit and began to play from all speakers. The music video with the same name gained 11 million views on YouTube in a record short time. Moreover, Miraya Shark is among the top 10 Russian pop singers who are called the most successful on the modern stage.

Recently, her life has changed – she went through a divorce. However, her solid inner core has helped Miraya conquer new heights throughout her life, and this time does not let her succumb to despair. This event motivates the singer to start from scratch on another continent – Miraya Shark moves to America, the country of great opportunities, where musical trends are born. Today the singer continues doing what she loves and gets acquainted with the American music industry. “American singers are world stars, the whole world follows them. In Russia, only a few can achieve such success. From an early age, I always imagined myself on stage as Britney Spears,” the singer admitted. “It is a big blessing for me to be here, in the heart of the music industry. I keep on writing songs, and I’m looking forward to performing on the American stage. Who knows, maybe I’ll start a new chapter in my career.”

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