Freestanding Bathtubs: A Guide On Choosing The RIGHT One!

Freestanding tubs are actually the bathtubs that aren’t attached to your home walls. And instead, they usually stand freely. Plus, they are highly ultra-modern, with the exception or deviation being clawfoot bathtubs, which can be incredibly antique. Thes tubs can also increase the worth of your home.

After acknowledging this enlightening guide, you will be entirely prepared & informed to purchase the best freestanding bath tub. So, just have a look below;

How Can You Select the Most Efficient Freestanding Tub?

To opt for the right freestanding bathtub that is best suitable for you & your space, you will have to consider the below aspects efficiently;

  • What can be the most efficient material for you?
  • Which style of freestanding tub do you actually prefer?
  • What shape and size of the tub will perfectly fit in your area?
  • How much weight can be supported nicely by your bathroom floor?
  • What sort of tub filler or faucet will you utilize & how much will that actually cost you?
  • What’s your overall bathtub budget & how much can your desired bathroom cost?
  • Who are the most trustworthy, reputable, and reliable manufacturers of bathtubs?
  • How can you install the freestanding tub & how tough will it be?
  • Can the freestanding bathtub add great value to your house? And if yes, how much?
  • Are you able to add a specific shower to the freestanding soaking tub?

By considering the above factors in mind, you can make the right decision and grab the best bathtub according to your taste and home requirements.

Freestanding Tub — Materials

Generally, the freestanding tubs come in a huge materials range, from cast iron to acrylic for a clawfoot, stone resin, fibreglass, and copper. Mostly, heavy materials such as porcelain-enamelled efficient steel and stone may need the installation of exceptional floor supports. Plus, the Aquatics bathtubs are also quite fantastic as they come with the best materials.

Freestanding Tub — Dimensions

The normal freestanding tub is about 32 inches wide and 67 inches long with 15 inches soaking depth. Anyhow, the bathtub made in Japan has an ordinary depth of almost 35 inches. In addition, most contractors suggest leaving around 4″ space of the freestanding bathtub around the perimeter for convenient access.

How Can You Position The Freestanding Tub?

Unlike the normal in-built tub, the freestanding tub does not come with specific shelves for placing shampoo & other items. Either you will want to order the bathtub caddy, or you will need to make a plan for how you will actually store bathing products near the bathtub.

It might include the installation of a cabinet, which absolutely takes up more space. It is also possible that you will not want the toilet somewhere very close to the bathtub – so exceptional space is also needed.

An average bathtub needs around 13 square feet of the area normally. Furthermore, the freestanding tub will probably take up additional square footage whenever you decide to leave empty room for manoeuvring. Plus, if you are planning to utilize a standing tub filler, you will need some more room for it as well.

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