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Fun Icebreakers For Meetings

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In most cases, when people hear the word icebreaker, they think of boring, silly, or awkward icebreakers. Throughout this post, I will share five meeting icebreaker games with questions that can be used in person or virtually. These activities are very fun, fast, and simple to do. Who said that meetings, where people discuss daily issues, shouldn’t include a pinch of joy and laughter? Learn how to boost your team’s morale in meetings and more.

This article is for you if you are a meeting planner, team leader, or event organizer. It is easy and fun to get to know people with icebreaker questions. These activities are similar to ice breakers but don’t require much preparation. 

Icebreakers are activities, events, or games that break down social barriers, facilitate social interaction, and break down social barriers. An icebreaker is usually performed at the beginning of a meeting or team session. The right warm-ups and icebreakers can make all the difference. 

Ice breakers for work meetings

  • It’s a Scavenger Hunt 

Your icebreaker can also be a mini scavenger hunt if you want to get people out of the office hunt. You can go around town, the office, or the building.  Give to your team a list of locations, and have them take as many selfies as they can in the allotted time. For this one, you should have a prize for the winning team! It’s amazing! Several claps, foot stomps, and cliché cheers improved the performance. 

  • Candy Time

To arrange for this icebreaker: Choose a bowl of M&Ms, Starbursts, Skittles, or any other multicolored treat that takes your taste. Next, pass around the dish and ask people to take as many candy pieces as they like, but NOT to eat them. Following the passing around of the candy, each participant must respond to a question for each color they choose. You might ask them questions like:

Red: Which book is your favorite?

Orange: Where was your favorite vacation destination?

Blue: What kind of food is your favorite?

Green: To what TV program are you devoted?

Brown: What superhuman trait do you wish you could have?

Yellow: What about your work week was the best?

  • A Lie and Two Truths 

Two Truths and One Lie is one of many favorite board games since it lets you have some fun and be a little more creative with your teams. To begin, have each person think of two truths about themselves and one good lie. The group then votes or debates its best guess for the lie after everyone has given their three statements. Here are three things you can say, as an example.

My family gave me the moniker “Sasa” when I was young.

I can speak Mandarin.

I keep a turtle as a pet.

Which of the two is a lie?

I don’t keep a turtle as a pet. My family did refer to me as Sasa because my younger sisters weren’t able to say “Vanessa.” I also spent my college years living in China. Fun trivia, yes? This icebreaker is a fantastic way to meet one another and have some fun while doing so.

  • One Thing in Common 

If you want to get people moving around the room, this is a wonderful icebreaker. Give each person a list with their name on it. Set a timer and tell participants to search the room for one thing they have in common with everyone.

The crucial point is that you cannot have anything in common with anyone else. Even if everyone in the room works for the same organization, that connection would not be significant. This is a strategy to encourage people to learn more about one another than they already do.

  • Game of Paper Planes

This one is more practical.

Give each meeting participant a sheet of paper in a different color. Afterward, have each person write an intriguing truth about themselves on the paper before folding it into a paper airplane.

Everyone then throws their paper airplane into the air and flies it around the room. Everyone then takes one of the paper planes, reads the information, and makes a guess as to whose paper airplane they have.

Guessing is enjoyable, and you both gain fresh insights into one another.

Fun IceBreakers For Zoom Meetings

We are aware that no one enjoys long Zoom icebreakers that employees dress up or add extra time to an already lengthy Zoom meeting. These are some zoom ice breakers that you and your team will definitely love.

  • What Do You Like Best. Polls

A great icebreaker is typically fun and simple to participate in. And for this reason, we enjoy “What’s Your Favorite ____” polls.

Before the zoom meeting starts, you might start by posting polls about topics unrelated to work rather than starting the Zoom team meeting right away.

Examples include:

What would be the ideal job if money were no object?

What breakfast deserves the title of “best in the world”?

What is the one thing you most enjoy doing after a long day of working?

  • Bud, Rose, and Thorn

You may include mindfulness into your typical virtual icebreakers by playing Rose, Bud, Thorn.

Roses represent your victories and happy experiences.

Buds are the fresh concepts you’re eager to investigate.

Thorns are the challenges and issues you encounter.

Sharing such intimate memories with the group can be a great way to spark conversation and establish connection. This is a crucial team-building exercise given how distant work can impact peer relationships.

  • The daily emoji

Emojis can be used in place of words when necessary. Emojis or a string of emojis should be used to express how your remote team members’ day has gone so far. It is undoubtedly the simplest and quickest Zoom icebreaker available.

Ice breakers are very important for building the team’s morale and improving communication. 

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