The 5 Ultimate Big Woods Deer Hunting Rifles for Your Hunting Trips

Hunting deer in the big woods can be challenging under harsh conditions and difficult shooting scenarios. Because of this, using the right hunting rifle is essential to ensure the best possible shooting outcome. For most deer hunts, a basic synthetic-stocked .30/06 bolt rifle would suit, but there’s something to be defined for having the best power in the game. For long shots, that can indicate an additional fit rifle or a lightweight gear for carrying up a mountain. And depending on the hunting regulations, a centerfire rifle of any kind might be prohibited. So, whatever form of deer hunting you undertake, you’ll be able to choose the right rifle for the game. If you’d like more information about long range riflescopes please visit Zerotech Optics

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The performance of big wood rifles is brute, and the design is the ballerina. The greatest rifles will fit like a shotgun, allowing you to shoot fast while relying on instinct as much as views. They’re compact and comfortable in the hand, so you can carry them for miles through the woods. A firearm must also be dependable and strong enough to withstand rough weather.

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Now, have a look here at a comprehensive list of the 5 ultimate big woods deer hunting rifles available today for every sort of hunting trip.

Remington 7600

The Remington pump-action rifle has long been many hunters’ go-to weapons for big-game hunting in the woods. It aims like a shotgun, fires fast for the initial shot and any follow-up shots, fits comfortably in the hand, and comes with some thumper cartridges.

The famed deer-tracking Benoit family mostly popularized Remington guns. In the big game, these hunting rifles were, and possibly still are, the most common deer hunting weapon. Most hunters pick a carbine’s shorter barrel, but some still prefer the full-length 22-inch barrel because it swings more smoothly while shooting at moving deer.

While dragging the vintage Remington Model 760 in.30/06 Springfield, the most popular cartridge for big woods hunters, some have left a lot of tracks on the mountains throughout the years. It was considered the first devoted “deer rifle,” to most and it’s gotten a lot of venison over the last 46 years.

Marlin 1895

Marlin 1895 is one of the compact rifles to use in the big woods. I’ve used lever-action rifles in almost every popular cartridge ever chambered for them over the years. For a long time, my favorite deer lever gun was a Marlin 1895 with a 22-inch barrel in.45-70 Government. When the shorter 18 ½ inch barrel Guide Gun model was found, I switched to it. I really like how well that little gun shoots and handles. The.45-70 cartridge has been around since 1873 and is still going powerful. The recoil is easy to regulate for follow-up shots, and it moves forcefully.

Remington Model Seven

Many hunters tend to get bolt-action rifles, which currently dominate the market. Anyone who believes a bolt action is a handicap has obviously never seen one run by a skilled hunter. They may be quick, while all it takes is practice.

Bolt guns are challenging, and with a low-power scope, they’re lightning fast on target. Bolt-action rifles come with a plethora of options. For the large woods, though, they should be lightweight, easy to carry, and chambered in a powerful cartridge. A shorter barrel is also preferred by most hunters.

That’s the reason, the most popular bolt-action rifle is the Remington Model Seven. This gun is short and lightweight. The barrel is 20 inches and the receiver is shorter than the full-size Remington Model 700 SA. This decreases weight and makes the weapon much more enjoyable to handle in dense brush. The stainless/synthetic model is ideal for the rough weather that is unavoidable during deer season. It comes in .308 Winchester, which is a good choice, but don’t overlook the .300 WSM. The light rifle’s recoil is a tad stiff, but the ammunition points to big animals.

Browning BAR

For apparent reasons, semi-automatic rifles have long been popular among big woods hunters. The Remington line dates back to the Model 8, which was the first semi-auto for hunters to be a success. Hunters who knew what they were doing chose the.35 Remington at the time. The later Remington rifles, such as the Model 740, 742, and 7400, were always popular among big woods hunters.

All of the common ammunition were chambered in that Remington semi-autos. With the terrible Model 750, they put an end to that series, which Remington abandoned a few years ago and never returned. Remington’s semi-automatic hunting rifles had been around for almost 100 years when this happened. They do have a hunting line of AR rifles, but it’s not identical. They’re fantastic firearms that take down deer, but they don’t bear-like standard semi-autos in the woods.

Browning is the semi-auto rifle of choice for hunting big woodland deer nowadays. In most cartridges, the BAR with its aluminum receiver weighs a little under seven pounds. It comes in all of the standard deer cartridges, as well as a few magnum thumpers. However,.30/06 is a wide choice that is difficult to argue with.

Browning BLR

The Browning BLR lever action rifle is one of the catalog rifles available with the .358 Winchester cartridge, one of the all-time outstanding big woods cartridges. If that’s not enough, it’s also available in.450 Marlin, which punches deer like a supersonic sledgehammer.

The BLR operates on a set of pinions and gears that would make a steampunk enthusiast squeal with delight. Beyond these two, there’s a huge selection of cartridges that includes all of your favorites. The.325 WSM is another option worth considering. It’s the least popular of the short magnums, but it packs a punch. I’ve shot a few caribou with it, but a lot of my deer hunting buddies swear by it, claiming it’s a gift from the gods of deer hunting.

Storing And Displaying Hunting Rifles

Now that you know the most common big woods deer hunting rifles, it’s time to invest in them for your next hunting trips. However, being a hard-earned investment, you need your collection of deer hunting rifles to be stored or displayed in a safe and secure place.  

You can achieve with a gun display wall. It can be an attractive way of safely organizing and showing off your firearms at home. The good thing about this storage solution is that you can arrange your rifles in whatever you like on the wall, helping you open more floor space.  

On the other hand, if you need more information about gun display walls, check out some reputable websites and online resources. This can help you decide whether a gun wall display is the right way to store rifles safely and securely.  

Conclusion  Deer hunting can be an enjoyable activity if you have the right rifle. With the perfect firearm, you can improve your chances of successfully shooting deer in the big woods. Hence, whether you’re an experienced or a beginner deer hunter, remember the information above to help you find the best rifle for your upcoming hunting trips. You can use such information to set up your rifle collection if you think about having multiple firearms.    

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