FunctionFox Review – How the Software Helps You Track Your Project

FunctionFox software comes with its first-rate features to benefit small businesses. The software offers expense tracking, timesheets, and retainers. In this FunctionFox review, we will discuss how the software helps you track your project. 

About FunctionFox 

FunctionFox demoshows how this software acts as a project management software designed to assist small businesses. The software works well to control your track and project time. FunctionFox generates insightful reviews on all staff, obligations, customers, and assignment activities. 

The software helps you to examine information about your enterprise`s budget along with real expenses and estimates. This way, you will get an in-depth evaluate of: 

  • Project timelines 
  • Performance 
  • Budget 
  • The productiveness of your team members 

The Main Features of FunctionFox 

Many FunctionFox reviews have mentioned that FunctionFox is a perfect project management software for innovative professionals. The main features of FunctionFox software can really help your business. How? Read the explanation below! 

Perfect for Tracking Time 

Different from other project management software, FunctionFox emphasizes more on expense and time tracking in preference to project control. 

In the middle of any well-done project lies powerful budgeting. As such, your superiority as the project manager will not be only to complete a project. More than that, you need to get it completed ideally in the set scope and budget. FunctionFox software understands this (for the maximum component) and presents features such as project expenses, estimates, and retainers. 

With the software, you will be able to upload billable prices to obligations. In addition, you can also estimate the range of hours every project might possibly take. This way, you will be able to form your project budget. 

Eventually, in the scope of the duration of the project cycle, you can generate an estimated record. This will help you to track your project`s real expenses and costs. Then, compare them to the estimates you have set before. 


With project designing plans completed, you will want to track your entire obligations. Timesheets are the cornerstone of FunctionFox software. Many FunctionFox reviews said that the timesheets feature makes it loads less difficult to track the team’s productivity. 

You can log your hours without problems. Additionally, you can easily upload key information just like the customer, assignment, and project you have handled. The best part is, you can both upload time entries manually or use the integrated timer. Both ways work well to track the time spent on obligations. 

Schedule the Projects and Track the Team’s Workload 

To effectively control any project, you need to display all progress, make modifications, and assign obligations as wanted. The Traffic feature of FunctionFox software brings collectively all of the functions you want to gain. 

You can assign moves to team members inside the Project Schedule tab, timetable project-associated meetings, and create milestones. You will find a color-coded brief view of a project`s timeline that suggests upcoming and beyond milestones, meetings, and some moves. 

In case there are new trends alongside the way, you can easily shift your project`s timetable with the choice to transport milestones as well. 

Before including a brand new action, you can take a look at your team’s availability. This way, you can make certain you are not overworking a team member and underutilizing another. 

Comprehensive Reports on Everything 

If you have to deal with innovative projects and a couple of clients, the comprehensive Reports feature offers you various approaches to track your team’s progress. 

Generating a report in FunctionFox software is wonderfully easy. Even better, you can also use filters to recognize a selected assignment variable. With FunctionFox, you can produce numerous reviews. 

For example, you will be able to download an account of what number of billable hours your staff logged in a selected period. What’s more, you also can construct custom reviews to provide you with a huge view of ways your company works. 

Aside from the comprehensive report feature, you can also print maximum pages to your FunctionFox workspace. This way, you can make a list of the project in progress or a project timetable. 

Evaluate the Data Easily from the CEO Desktop 

The CEO Desktop at FunctionFox software is an excellent function reserved for website online admins, high-level managers, and executives. 

This feature makes use of charts and graphs. From this feature, you will easily view: 

  • All your customer tasks 
  • Project distribution amongst assignment managers 
  • Your retainers 

You can also use it to advantage perception into assignment development quickly. FunctionFox software makes it easier to generate reviews out of your CEO desktop. Or else, you can also discover hyperlinks that will take you to unique sections of your account. 

The Main Benefits of Using FunctionFox Software 

In a nutshell, the main benefits of using FunctionFox software are its function-rich, intuitive interface. Most importantly, the software helps you to streamline the commercial enterprise approaches. How? 

FunctionFox demo has explained that the software is an intuitive and assignment control device. It works well to offer time tracking capabilities. The software is designed to streamline the commercial enterprise approaches of innovative businesses. This way, it offers pinnacle charge offerings with high degrees of creativity. 

By using FunctionFox, you can progress from fundamental paper-primarily based total timesheets and Excel documents to a cutting-edge utility. This will eventually allow you to easily and efficiently track all the milestones, display time, and control your projects. 

The excellent component offered by FunctionFox software is the access to all essential knowledge you need. Yes, you can get this without being overwhelmed with excessive data. 

Another highlight of the software is that it allows you to look back at a project’s history. In fact, you can even go back as far as a couple of months ago. This way, you and all team members can always review all the steps. Eventually, you can then make the required adjustments. Thus, you and your team members can address the challenges and improve your work. In the end, you can ensure the project will be completed within schedule. 

Functionfox Pricing Plans 

You will find various options to choose from FunctionFox pricing plans. The best part is, of course, it offers a Free plan with a limited free version of paid subscription. You can get up to 3 users with 2 active projects at once for this plan. 

Meanwhile, for the Classic (Time Tracking) plan, you can get it by paying $5 monthly. Or you can also try the Premier (Project Management) plan by paying $10 per month. Last but not least, you can go for the In-House (Project Request Forms) plan by paying $20 monthly. 

Final Words  By reviewing the first-rate features offered by FunctionFox software, we can confidently say that this software will surely benefit small businesses. 

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