Top Primary Care Software 2022: eClinicalWorks EMR, Kareo, and More!

Primary Care Software

It is not easy to run a medical practice. You must wear many hats, including director, supervisor, physician, finance manager, and many others. With EHR technology, you can forget about everybody else and focus solely on being a doctor. Anything else is taken care of by the program! The program can help you with a variety of tasks, including helping you arrange client visits and making billing as easy as practicable. Overall, these programs can very much do what they say they do; they can effectively manage your practice. 

Primary healthcare comprises regular examinations and services performed on a frequent basis and sees a significant number of individuals. As a result, primary care offices are responsible for a large quantity of data processing and record-keeping. Physicians should select an EMR like eClinicalWorks EHR software that has been specifically built to meet the demands of primary health workers for their practice. In this piece, we’ll inform you about some of the top EMR for primary care. So, without further ado, let’s move forward and find out the top Primary Care EMR Software. 

eCinicalWorks EMR

e Clinical EMR is a great EHR software and especially when it comes to primary care. Before you ask for an eClinicalWorks demo from the vendor, have a look at the software’s capabilities to see if you’re fascinated by it in the first place. The first element we’d like to highlight in eClinicalWorks EMR is the telemedicine function, which allows you to remotely conduct client visits from any place on the planet because eClinicalWorks is cloud-based and hence accessible from any location.

The program also assists you in optimizing your schedule and schedule as many appointments as feasible in a single day. Another excellent aspect of this program is its interoperability, which enables you to retrieve data from other people on the internet and, as a result, make better client evaluations. The revenue cycle management function also assists you in determining your institution’s financial condition so you can see how you’re performing.


The first program on our list of the top EMR for primary care is RXNT, which provides a variety of useful features. The program adapts to the scale of your practice to assist in tailoring to your individual demands, which is one of the most important things we want to highlight. This feature enables you to continue using the program as your practice expands without having to switch to another system. By how much a primary care practice may anticipate expanding, this function is very crucial. RXNT’s interface design also makes it easy to gain a grasp of the program in no time. The user-friendly layout of RXNT, according to multiple RXNT evaluations, makes the program simple to use and helps you to become used to it quickly.


AthenaOne, which is a very famous EMR across multiple specialties, is one of the most famous ones on our list for best EMR for primary care. Over the ages, this program has gained a reputation for being quite robust. The program includes a patient portal function that enables your clients to view a portal where they may make their own consultations, view their scheduled visits, and far more. They can even utilize this platform to complete health care surveys prior to their session, saving time for both sides during the consultation and allowing you to obtain a thorough medical history for your client, which is useful for diagnostic outcome and treatment planning.


DrChrono EHR Software is the next, which we’ve included for a variety of reasons! This software includes a lot of useful features that you will appreciate. The templates tool allows you to look through a variety of medical templates and pick the one that best suits your practice’s requirements. You can even further customize the templates if you believe they would be more beneficial to you! The software includes a rapid fill feature that allows you to complete patient notes more quickly. This function analyses the information you enter into the forms and remembers your preferences. It then suggests them to you later to help you save time and fill out patient forms more quickly!


PrognoCIS makes our list of best EMR for primary care due to its fantastic dashboard functionality. This feature allows you to quickly become accustomed to the software because it is so simple to use. The dashboard can also be tailored to meet your specific needs as a medical practice. This means you can move features and other elements to the best positions for you and your job. The telemedicine option in prognoCIS is also fantastic because it allows you to conduct virtual patient appointments. This functionality came in during the Covid-19 outbreak when most appointments were moved online to guarantee patient safety.


Kareo EMR is the last program on our list for best EMR for primary care. The software is also very popular and has a great reputation. This program comes with a slew of capabilities that make running your practice a breeze. The program is also delivered through cloud-based services, allowing you to access it from anywhere. This allows you to access your practice and its work from a distance. Even if you are not physically present in your office or practice. 

Final Works from us!

You’re undoubtedly thinking about which EHR software to invest in now that we’ve told you about numerous options and their benefits. As a primary care clinic, we can’t make the choice for you because it is dependent on your specific needs. Because of their reputations or capabilities, the programs in this list are regarded as the best EMR for primary care. However, we recommend that you examine all of a software’s characteristics before selecting one that meets the majority of your requirements. We also recommend contacting the vendor for the EHR you’re most interested in and requesting a demo. This will assist you in determining whether the software is the best option for you. Hopefully, the software you select will be the best fit for you and your primary care practice’s needs.

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