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Gantz Season 2: Netflix Anime Ending Explained!

Gantz is available in its entirety on Netflix! If you want to know the explanation of the end of the second season, keep reading! Whatever reason Gantz ended, or why it ended, I must say I love the ending. It may not be consistent with the style or story of the rest of the series. But it was always rooted in deep psychological meaning beyond what is seen, and that’s why I liked the whole show anyway.

I’m going to explain the series finale, but first I need to share with you some of the conclusions I came to throughout the series that lead me to my theory on the series finale.

Gantz was created by and works for, a higher power. He has a job, he has great skills, he is part of the computer, and he goes and gathers people to eliminate aliens in a very developed and organized way. So it’s very likely that some species, maybe aliens, maybe the government, whoever it is, created Gantz. What matters is that Gantz is following orders. However, whoever they are, they are the ones who receive the aliens “sent” by the triangular cannon.

Gantz is a person. Maybe not literally, because the scary guy pricked his ear and things popped up on the screen, so he might be a cyborg, but he has a brain. Gantz has a sense of humor, and there was a person inside the globe. The other reason I think Gantz is a person is the end, which I’ll explain in a moment.

The old woman asking for directions is the physical representation of Gantz. In short, she is Gantz. The creepy guy said that Kei was scanned before being transported to the apartment. And he specifically remembered this old woman. So I think the old lady is an illusion or a team that Gantz sends to scan every dying person so she can, quote, “fax” them to the apartment.

Explaining The End Of Gantz Season 2!

Now, the finale of Gantz season 2. When Kei was first faxed, or perhaps over time when Kei’s missions ended, Gantz came to respect Kei. Whether it’s her determination, her will to live, or just her attitude. Gantz felt that Kei was not a person like the others to kill strangers. So when Kei told the old woman to get away from her and fend for herself. Gantz realized that he did not need specific instructions. He can think for himself.

He has free will. And so Gantz decided not to follow orders. He wanted to be destroyed, he didn’t want to keep chasing people away from strangers. The reason could be that he feels disgusted by his way of life, trapped in a ball, having nothing to do other than what he is told. The reason could be that so many people have died because of what he asked them to do. Why Gantz decided not to follow orders doesn’t really matter, what matters is what he decided to do after that.

Gantz felt the need to end this cycle of unnecessary death. And so when everyone showed up, he told them to hunt down Kei. He knew that by doing so, everyone would be confused, that there would be conflict, that they would not trust each other. But most of all, Kei would get mad at him and try to kill him. He knew that Kei probably partly blamed Gantz for the deaths of his friends, for what Gantz had done to them, and for attacking Kei. He knew that he could convince Kei to attack him. That is the story of the end.

That’s what happened, Gantz convinced Kei to end his existence. I don’t know if Kei is alive, there are several possibilities and there is no way of knowing which was the real one. Kei may have been dead from the moment Gantz took him on missions. And since Gantz was dead at the end, he could no longer “fax” Kei to keep him alive. Another possibility is that Kei barely survived the train. And that he was in the hospital, and the whole series was a kind of “dream.”

The third possibility is that once Kei defeated Gantz by opposing the train, he simply survived. And he stood in the real world. The fourth possibility, and the one I liked the least, is that once Kei defeated Gantz. He was hit by the train again and this time he actually died.

Gantz Season 2 Final

As for the two psycho killers, I don’t think they were there because of Gantz. Gantz just picked up dying people, like he always does. However, they had a purpose, and that purpose was to destroy the rest of Kei’s hope and cement his determination to kill Gantz. By killing everyone else, the killers eliminated the possibility of everyone simply working together; and do nothing on Gantz’s orders, leaving Kei with no choice but to confront and destroy Gantz.

On a completely different note, you may also wonder if Kei was dead or not; that answer is as simple as it is complicated

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