George Santos Drag Queen Video Reddit {Jan 2023} Finding out more about George Santos.

To find the truth, read complete and consolidated details about George Santos Drag Queen Video Reddit.

After details of George Santos’ early life were published in newspapers, the internet has been abuzz with news about George Santos’s early days. has more than 246 posts and 148 videos about George. There are also more than 110 posts and 289 videos on various news and knowledge-based sites.

These posts are receiving thousands of comments and getting up-voted! Let’s look at George Santos Drag Queen YouTube Reddit.

Finding out more about George Santos.

George’s revelation about his work as a Brazilian drag queen is considered a shocking revelation. George has been tagged as a knockout congressman. The protest was started by people who demanded George’s resignation.

Eula Rochard from Brazil was able to see George’s TV appearance in Rio de Janeiro. There were more than 298 videos on Youtube discussing George’s role as a drag Queen. Rochard recalled that George was a drag queen back in 2000. She also remembered his name as Kitara Ravache.

Rochard discovered old photos of George and reported them on to the media. Rochard claimed that George was a poor person in 2005. His father, Rochard claimed, was wealthy. His mother, however, used to be a sweeper.

The circulation of posts about George is not determined because Telegram is a private messaging group. Telegram groups can be joined using private invite links. Several posts on social media platforms offered viewers the chance to join their Telegram group. George returned in 2008 with a large sum of money.

There were 221,317+ videos and 317+ tweets about George the drag queen. These went viral on Twitter. George misinformed himself about his Baruch College and NYU educations, his ethnicity, his employment history, and his roles with Citigroup Chase.

George is a Republican politician from New York. He is also being tried for misleading his credentials. He is also being tried for misinforming his credentials.

George’s photos and videos from the 2005 Pride Parade in Niteroi, a Rio suburb, and the 2008 Pride Parade on Icarai Beach in Niteroi went viral. There were more than 300 posts on Facebook, including four videos, discussing George’s status as a drag queen.

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George refuted the claim that he was a drag-queen. George stated that he has never been a drag queen in a Twitter reply/post. His pictures and videos, however, tell a different story. Viewers can recognize him in the photos and videos.

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