Get a Driving License in the Netherlands as a Foreigner Without Knowing Dutch Language

As a foreigner who just moved into Netherlands or have been residing in the Netherlands. You will need a valid driving license to be able to get around freely in the Netherlands?

This becomes a serious problem when you do not understand Dutch language. Many people in the Netherlands face this difficulties when they try taking the driving lessons and exams in order to get their documents. but the good news is that it’s possible to obtain a Netherlands driving license without having a mastery of  the language.

Get Your Foreign Driving License exchanged with the Dutch one.

They are certain countries both with Europe and out of Europe whom you can easily swap your driving licenses directly to a Dutch driving license without much complications. However, you must have your driving license exchanged  into Dutch one, and it must be done by an authorized agency. Once you have the driving license translated , you can apply for an exchange at the local municipality.

Take a Theory Test

If you don’t have a valid driving license from another country or your country is just not eligible, then you’ll need to take a theory test to stand a chance to obtain a driving license in Netherlands. The theory test is available in Dutch language, and you can book it online through the CBR website. The minimum score you should have inorder to stand a chance for your driving license is 75% after which you will be required to go in for the practical exams.

Take a Practical Driving Test 

Once you have your theory certificate, you’ll need to take a practical driving test to obtain your Dutch driving license. You can hire a private instructor even an experienced family member to give you driving lessons and prepare you for the exams. Legal rijbewijs kopen cbr

Collect Your Dutch Driving License 

If you are successful after both theory and practical exams, then you should receive your driving license just within a few days after. 

Your file will be  delivered to your home address via post. 

Tips and Tricks:

•  Make sure you have a full understanding of the traffic code in Netherlands you can do this by studying before taking exams.

• Do not be scared to ask questions about things you do not understand well during driving lessons. This comes in handy during the real exams.

• Take some time to Practice! 

You should not only wait to practice when you have driving sessions. You can put in personal effort at home by the help of family members or friends who are experienced drivers.


Obtaining a Netherlands driving license as a foreigner without having a mastery of the  language is not easy at all. it’s not impossible to overcome the common difficulties people face when taking the driving license exams. By learning the Dutch language, preparing well, staying calm and focused, and improving your driving skills, you can increase your chances of passing the exam and becoming a confident and safe driver. For this reasons, people now find other ways to get their driving license without going through all the stress kopen rijbewijs So, don’t give up and keep moving forward until you reach your goal! 

With a little bit of patience and perseverance, you’ll have your Dutch driving license in no time, and you’ll be able to explore the Netherlands with ease. Good luck!


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