Get Back All Your Deleted Snapchat Memories in 2021

Snapchat is a highly popular and secure app that is used by a lot of people. You can share snaps that can be viewed and saved by your followers as memories. You can edit those memories, download them or share them with your friends and followers.

However, sometimes it suffers from a few drawbacks. Firstly, there is a time limit for how long a Snapchat memory is visible. Also, unless you download the snap, it gets deleted once you view it. Sometimes you might even mistakenly delete some photos by yourself.

However, getting them back is not impossible. Today we will share with you some of the DIY solutions to perform a Snapchat recovery.

Is It Possible to Recover Deleted Snapchat Memories?

Before we proceed to learn how to recover deleted Snapchat memories, we need to know whether it is possible to recover them. The answer is yes.

If you deleted a snap that you had saved as a memory, you could retrieve it by going to the Memories section. From there, you can access all your saved snaps and recover them.

However, if you have not saved a snap as a memory, things will become complex. Even if the photo is not visible in your Snapchat app, there is a chance that those snaps are still located somewhere in your hard drive or cache. In such a case, you can perform a Snapchat recovery using advanced data recovery tools like Recoverit.

Common Ways to Recover Deleted Snapchat Memories

Before we move on to using third-party tools, you can try out these methods to get back your deleted Snapchat memories.

Method 1: Recover from Device Cache

Your phone’s cache contains temporary data, which is used to load apps faster and improve the experience of the user. If you are lucky enough, that cache might contain the photos that you are looking for. There is no guarantee that this method will work, but it’s worth a shot.

For this, you need to access your Snapchat cache folder from the phone. If you are on Android 11 or above, we recommend that you download X-plore File Manager from Google Play Store since your default file manager may not have access to the app data.

After opening your file explorer, navigate to Android > Data > From there, go to the Cache folder and look for the snaps that you want to recover.

Method 2: Recover Snaps from Google

All android devices are linked to a Google account by default. So, we get the option to save our snaps in the cloud. If you have allowed Snapchat data to sync with your Google account, then you can get back your deleted Snapchat memories.

You can access these files via Google Photos. You can open it both from your phone and PC.

Visit Google Photos and look for the snaps that you have deleted. After you have found them, you can save them locally to your device. If you are opening Google Photos from your PC, save those snaps on your hard drive and later transfer them to your phone.

Sometimes, the photos may not be available in your Google Photos as well. In such a case, go check out the Trash folder in Google Photos. The deleted snaps might be located there for 30 days.

Just select the images that you want to recover and restore them.

If you have your snaps backed in iTunes, then the process is similar.

Recover Deleted Snapchat Memories Using Wondershare Recoverit

In case none of these methods work, that means your Snapchat memories are deleted. However, there is no need to worry since even if a file gets deleted on your hard drive, it still remains there until something else replaces it. They can be found as buildup documents that recovery tools can distinguish. Also, check the funny Snapchat stickers.

So, Wondershare Recoverit can get the job done.

Follow the steps given below to learn how to recover “My Eyes Only” pictures on Snapchat.

Step 1: Download Wondershare Recoverit from the official site and open it. Connect your phone with your computer and make sure that the connection remains stable throughout the process.

On the home page, select your phone from the list of devices shown on the screen.

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Step 2: After you have selected your phone, Recoverit will start scanning for deleted files that can be recovered.

The cool thing about using Recoverit is that it scans really fast and shows you the real-time results of the scan. Plus, you can use the filters present there to speed up the process.

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Once you have found the file you want, pause or stop the scan.

Step 3: Once you have found out the snaps you need, double-click on them to see the previews of each recovered image. It will even show you some additional descriptions of the files.

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If you are satisfied with the results, click on Recover. A window will open up asking for the location where you want to save these photos. Choose your preferred location, and you are done here and can close Recoverit.

Now, you will find all those photos in the file explorer. From there, you can transfer them to your phone. That is all you need to do to perform a Snapchat recovery on your phone.

Closing Words

And this is how you recover deleted Snapchat memories from your phone. You should always connect your Snapchat account with Google or iTunes and make sure to back up your photos regularly. This will save you from a lot of trouble. And in case you haven’t done any of these, you know which tool to use to get them back.

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