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Get To Know About How to Add Icloud Calendar to Outlook

Users use the iCloud scheduler on their iPhones or Macs to stay organized. If you wish to add an iCloud Calendar to Outlook, either to make it sharable via Outlook or to keep track, you will need to add the calendar.

Many users were curious if iCloud could be supported in Office 365. Office 365 will support iCloud. However, you don’t need to sync iCloud using or Office 365 Exchange. These accounts support the automatic syncing of calendars between the phone and the computer.

Outlook Calendar would look great anywhere.

Microsoft has been in business with calendars for years. Windows 1.0 introduced a calendar app. Outlook Calendar was embedded with Windows 1.0. It can be used in several ways, including organizing meetings and schedules, creating appointments, and setting up events.

Outlook can become quite complicated. Add icloud calendar to outlook is best suited for professionals. It’s a potent and valuable tool. Google and Apple make it easier to use. Google and Apple are more user-friendly.

Follow These Steps to Add Icloud Calendar to Outlook

Installing Icloud Windows in Step One

Download iCloud Windows. Install it manually if it does not install. Restart the computer. Check to verify that iCloud opens. To open iCloud, go to Start and scroll through other programs, as shown in this image. Windows OS may vary in how to open programs.

 Enter Using Apple ID to Sign In To Icloud

If you previously downloaded and installed iCloud Windows, you already have an account. For other reasons, use your Apple ID and password for iCloud sign-in.

Choose the Capabilities You Want To Synchronize Across Devices in Step Three

You will need to sync iCloud Calendar and Outlook.

Choose the option that interests you in the “Outlook Setup iCloud” window. ICloud then starts syncing. It can take a while, depending on how much data is available. All your events will appear in Outlook Calendar when you click “Done.” Outlook now supports sharing iCloud Calendar.

Whenever you add a new appointment to in Outlook PC, it also appears on your iOS devices. The reverse is also true.

It can be complicated to make Outlook iCloud work with MS Outlook. Sometimes the simple steps need to be fixed. Below is an FAQ section to address common Outlook and iCloud syncing issues.

How It Works?

Apple’s iCloud allows you to share calendars, contacts, and tasks across devices and Outlook. The iCloud Control Panel for Outlook and Windows adds a tree of folders you can use to add folders to Outlook. You will need to move all folders to the iCloud Tree or copy new or edited items manually to iCloud whenever needed.

Code Two Sync For iCloud helps you achieve this. This Outlook add-in makes it easy to sync Outlook folders and iCloud folders automatically.

Code Two Sync For iCloud can be installed as an Outlook Add-in. It is accessible from the ribbon. Click the icon to select the Outlook folders you want to sync using iCloud folders.

Alternatively, you can click on the desired Outlook folder and select Sync to iCloud. You can select the sync type and choose which folders you wish to synchronize. After your folders have been synchronized, you can now view and edit them anywhere you are.

What Should You Do If Outlook and Icloud Sync Stop Working?

Many times, users complain that their iCloud suddenly stopped working after successfully syncing it to Outlook.

Follow these steps to resolve the Outlook iCloud sync issue.

1. Re-enable iCloud Calendar sync

To begin, navigate to the iCloud panel and deselect Calendar synchronization. Next, click on Apply. You can then re-enable the feature and hit Apply.

2. Now Sign Back In To Icloud after Logging Out

To fix the issue, sign out of your iCloud App and sign in again.

3. Repair Outlook installation

Outlook cannot be repaired using any other method.

  • Open Windows 10 by clicking the Start button and searching for Apps & Features.
  • Select Outlook and click Modify
  • Continue to follow the on-screen instructions to complete your repair.

After the repair is completed, you can restart your system. The application should be running now. You will need to repair Outlook using Inbox to ensure that the iCloud calendar syncs with Outlook.

Is it possible to use iCloud to sync Outlook with an iPhone? allows it to sync Outlook Calendar, Contacts, and Notes with iPhone, Android, and other devices. Tasks can be synced with the iPhone’s Reminders.


This guide will make it easy to sync an iCloud-based calendar with Outlook. We have provided two solutions to sync iCloud Calendar with Outlook.

However, it is recommended to use the iCloud website to sync calendars. Although this might seem complicated, it will work and sync Outlook’s iCloud calendar. This section will cover how to fix iCloud calendar issues that need to be appropriately synced with Outlook.

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